You can finally play the weirdest DOOM spin-off game again

Fans have ported Doom’s weird and obscure mobile title, Doom RPG, to PC. This is the first port of the game since its initial release in 2005.

The weirdest game Loss franchise, RPG DOOM, is finally available on the modern PC platform, or at least an engine to run it, thanks to the efforts of a fan group known as The group dug into the source code of former LOSS games for at least eighteen months and releasing various gems, even displaying a collection of sprites and textures from RPG DOOM in November 2020, but their PC port marks the first time the LOSS The mobile game has had a modernized port since its initial release in 2005. LOSS curiosities and dev material appear fairly regularly, such as the recent reveal of the LOSS original CD copies from the creator, but that’s a bit different. RPG DOOM was previously only available on cell phones that supported BREW or Java, so the game was nearly impossible to get before the source port of


However RPG DOOMThe gameplay of was relatively experimental and unorthodox, which is all the more reason to play it in 2022. Despite its platform, the game won several awards, including “2005 Adventure/RPG of the Year”, “Game of the ‘year”, an “Editor’s Choice Award” and “Best Wireless Adventure Game”. It also received largely positive reviews and even got a sequel four years later (which unfortunately is still locked to its original iOS platform and can’t be played through that port because it uses a different engine ).

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Although it is strange that Id Software has never reissued RPG DOOMthis is something of an outlier in the franchise, and the new PC port (as reported by Ars-Technica) means it’s possible for people to experience it in a new way. Being a mobile game before the era of smartphones means the title has some serious technological limitations, which is why it ditches the classic fast pace. LOSS First-person shooter mechanics for turn-based RPG gameplay. As a result, the game focuses more on the story than the main games and is very rich in dialogue, but RPG DOOMThe visuals, sound, monsters, and weapons of are still true to the series. You could say that the 2016 LOSS and Eternal DOOM incorporated his environmental storytelling technique, albeit in a much more subtle way.

DOOM RPG finally has a modern PC port

Screenshot of Doom RPG mobile game

The process of getting the game is a bit tricky, as the free Windows port created by requires the original game files to circumvent copyright issues. Find a working cell phone from the mid-2000s that has RPG DOOM already installed isn’t exactly easy, and any fan with a proper phone probably wouldn’t be able to access a working gaming market. LOSS has plenty of fan-made fixes and mods, but this is a trickier issue, so players may have to do their own research if they don’t have an older phone with a copy of the game.

The PC socket of RPG DOOM can supposedly be played with a keyboard, mouse, or console controller, and the interface is somewhat stripped down. However, using a mouse is inefficient, so without a controller, players will likely prefer to stick with the WASD control scheme. The tile-based movement system works like most similar dungeon crawlers and will be familiar to anyone who has played it, meaning the game will likely appeal mainly to the hardcore LOSS fans, video game historians, and those who love old-school dungeon crawlers of this vein, but this could be a fun distraction for anyone waiting for id Software’s newest LOSS Game. Interested gamers should take the opportunity to play an experimental and well-designed game. LOSS return to their PC if they can afford it, especially since RPG DOOM isn’t likely to get an official re-release anytime soon.

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