Xbox Series S and X individually outsold Xbox One in Japan

Since both Sony and Nintendo originated in Japan, there was little room in the market for Microsoft’s Xbox system. Historically, Xbox has performed very poorly in the country, however, a new report has revealed that the Xbox Series X and S individually outsold the Xbox One in Japan in just over a year.

As reported and collated by ResetEra user Theorry (based on data from Japanese magazine Famitsu), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both surpassed Japanese Xbox One sales (launch aligned) in just a bit. over a year on the market.

While the Xbox One was by far the lowest-selling Xbox generation in Japan, it’s still impressive to see consoles in the series outperform the Xbox One so quickly. When combined, the Xbox Series devices have already surpassed the Xbox One’s lifetime sales in Japan (with just over 150,000 units sold).

The original Xbox is next in line for the overtake, with the system having sold just under half a million units in Japan (lifetime). With the current trajectory that the Xbox Series X is experiencing | S, it’s safe to assume that the Xbox OG will be overtaken in due course.

What may be less certain is whether the X|S series will outperform the Xbox 360. With over 1.6 million units sold, the 360 ​​is by far the best-selling Xbox console in Japan. , surpassing even some of SEGA’s older efforts.

That being said, Japan is the fastest growing market for Xbox, and so if there was ever a time for Microsoft to top its previous records, it would be now. It will be interesting to see how many units are ultimately sold.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the success of the X|S series? Will Xbox ever be as big as PlayStation or Nintendo in Japan? How many units do you think the Xbox Series X|S will eventually sell in Japan? Let us know below.

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