Xbox Game Pass adds yet another surprise game for July

Several games joined or returned to Xbox Game Pass today, and Xbox One and Series X/S players are getting another unexpected new release.

July 2022 turns out to be a very good time to be a Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Three Yakuza the games unexpectedly returned to the service earlier today after departing in 2021. Two new games are also arriving today, including another unannounced surprise.

BBS last call and Solasta: Magister’s Crown just arrived on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console, respectively. While Microsoft has already announced the BBS last call‘s on the premium subscription service, RPG fans might be pleasantly surprised to see Solasta come to consoles.


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Solasta: Magister’s Crown is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Tactical Adventures and with stats and mechanics based on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. In a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, players create a party of four adventurers and lead them on a quest to recover enchanted gems from the ruins of an ancient Elven empire. Players can create their party from a combination of five classes and seven races. Each character also has their own personality, which can affect how they interact with the various NPCs in the game. It also features online cooperative multiplayer, preserving the social aspect that has attracted many people to J&D in the first place.

Solasta was released for Mac and Windows last year and was already available on the PC version of Game Pass. However, its sudden arrival on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S was a pretty big surprise, with the developer announcing the port when it was released earlier today. The developers have fully optimized the game for Xbox consoles, with a redesigned interface and control pad integration. The game also supports cross-play, allowing PC players to team up with friends on Xbox One or Series X/S.

The PC version enjoys a “very positive” rating on steam, with 89% of users recommending the game. SolastaMetacritic’s reviews are a little more divided, with a lower but still respectable average of 77%. While the game is almost certainly not for everyone, it certainly seems to be scratching some gamers’ itch for a Dungeons & Dragons– Inspired tactical CRPG.

Solasta: Magister’s Crown is not the only novelty of the Xbox Game Pass, of course. BBS last call lets players try their hand at a collection of retro-inspired puzzle games while learning about the history of Last callThe mysterious system operator of “The Barkeep”, in a pixel art throwback to PC gaming in the early 90s. Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwamiand Yakuza Kiwami 2 all returned to the subscription service today, with eight more titles coming to Game Pass this month.

Solasta: Magister’s Crown is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Pure Xbox