Xbox Game Pass adds two great Japanese games today

During its Tokyo Game Show 2021 stream, Microsoft is announcing Scarlet Nexus and AI: The Somnium Files coming to Xbox Game Pass today.


Since the launch of Xbox Game Pass in Japan last year, Microsoft has made a very concentrated effort to try to make the Xbox platform and brand a viable competitor in Japan against the country’s giants, Nintendo and PlayStation. It involved bringing a lot of beloved Japanese titles to Xbox Game Pass developers big and small, and increasing Xbox presence at Japanese events such as the Tokyo Game Show. During its Tokyo Game Show 2021 stream, Microsoft announced two major Japanese titles, Scarlet Nexus and IA: The Somnium files will arrive on Xbox Game Pass today.

Scarlet Nexus was first announced during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox in May 2020, where it turned out to be one of the first titles to come to Xbox Series X and S. Although the game is not exclusive to the platforms and also launched on Xbox One, Microsoft handled a lot of the marketing for the game and it even received an exclusive Xbox timed demo a few weeks before launch. Scarlet Nexus continued to be a hit upon release, receiving favorable reviews and even launching alongside an anime created by Cowboy Bebop and Code Geass Sunrise studio. While many believed the title would eventually hit Xbox Game Pass, the addition of the title just 3 months after launch came as a major surprise to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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IA: The Somnium files on the other hand, is arriving for the very first time on Xbox platforms today, with Microsoft also announcing the port during its Tokyo Game Show 2021 stream. IA: The Somnium files first released on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in September 2019 and follows a sleuth named Kaname Date as he and his AI eye implant ‘Aiba’ investigate a serial murder case by traveling through the minds of victims and suspects through a device called Somnium.


The game was run by Zero escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi and developed by Danganronpa Spike Chunsoft studio. For many fans of this series, an Xbox port looked like it was bound to arrive at some point as the sequel to the game, IA: The Somnium files – Nirvana Initiative was announced for Xbox One and Xbox Series X in July. Upon release IA: The Somnium files has been praised for its non-linear storytelling structure and sympathetic cast and has gone on to gain a cult following. Its release on Xbox platforms brings its sequel to the forefront when it releases in spring 2022.

Additionally, Xbox also announced today that Xbox Cloud Gaming will arrive in Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico tomorrow, allowing even more Xbox gamers to get their hands on titles such as Scarlet Nexus and IA: The Somnium files from their mobile devices and PC via cloud streaming.

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