Wreckreation looks like Trackmania with a Forge mode

One of the most exciting games revealed today at THQ’s showcase was Wreckreation, a racing game in the style of Trackmania or Hot Wheels Unleashed, which emphasizes custom content and course editing at the fly.

The game’s trailer features muddled local radio conversations about the gravity-defying race tracks that suddenly appeared in the sky, before switching to cinematic gameplay of racing and destroying vehicles on the aerial loops. The trailer demonstrates the game’s ability to create and customize tracks with a player placing and scaling obstacles and track features while other players/NPCs run around.

Car-to-car violence certainly interests me. The Trackmania series has long offered “Hot Wheels but life-size” racing action on courses resembling roller coasters, but with an emphasis on pure time trial gameplay. Wreckreation seems to offer something a little messier, with progressive damage that wears down cars and the ability to knock your opponents off the road. It’s like a Smash Bros. four-player free-for-all with items for Fox Final Destination only from Trackmania.

Wreckreation’s sandbox building is also very promising. The Trackmania games have a more traditional level editor, while Wreckreation seems to have something closer to Halo’s Forge mode, with on-the-fly world editing occurring alongside active races. Wreckreation doesn’t have a release date yet, but it has gone live with a page on Steam.