Which N64 and Genesis Switch games will likely only come to Japan

Nintendo announced in the recent Nintendo Direct in September that Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis titles would be added to the Nintendo Switch online service through some kind of expansion pack. The current list of titles includes classics like Ecco the dolphin, Paper mario, and Star fox 64, and multiplayer games like Mario kart 64 will even benefit from online support. There is an additional cost, but Nintendo has promised support in the future and the current selection is a solid compilation. With a list of confirmed games and additions down the line, speculation is mounting on which games could be imported from Japan.

Nintendo’s NES and SNES offerings on Nintendo Switch Online have regional differences, and while there are national versions of titles like Super Mario Cross and Pon Panel, there are also a few games that still haven’t made it to the US (or even Europe) and probably never will. Due to cultural differences, difficult license negotiations and translation issues, games like Shin megami tensei and the original Adventures of Lolo never reached American and European Switch Online services. Especially since Custom robot has already been confirmed to be staying in Japan, there may not be a way to get hard-to-find games through the service.

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The full list of N64 games for Nintendo Switch Online is available, so some conclusions can be drawn on the types of games that will appear on the platform. However, the following games are titles that for some reason haven’t found a digital or physical release in America and Europe, and likely won’t be available on Nintendo’s online expansion pass at the. to come up. Sin and punishment uptime may be a sign that some of these titles are more likely than you think, but there are still things preventing these games from releasing online.

Doshin The Giant is a blocked game on the Nintendo 64DD

NSO N64 Giant Doshin

Doshin might be better known as a cult classic outside of Japan because of its character designs. However, the game not only has an odd personality, its gameplay is unique compared to other games for the Nintendo 64 and is only available on the infamous Disk Drive, which itself is only available overseas. Doshin the giant is a divine game about titular Doshin wandering around trying to help his village by changing terrain and saving it from natural disasters. The game is a Japanese exclusive without a lot of text or even so much math, but what probably keeps it from being available in the US is its connection to the disc player. No Disk-Drive games have been announced for Nintendo Switch Online, and while they are a real curiosity purely for the experience, all of the games are said to be Japanese exclusives. Doshin came to Europe with a Gamecube port, but since only the Gamecube version exists in English, it’s more likely to be a separate downloadable title from the online store or something similar.

The first Animal Crossing game for the N64 is awesome (but wordy)

Animal Crossing N64 NSO

Forest Animals is easily recognized as the Nintendo 64 game which was later ported to the Gamecube with the name Animal crossing. The famous life simulation debuted as an exclusive title in Japan that came out a whole generation before the American and European versions. The original game is pretty much the same version with a few missing features that hadn’t been introduced yet, but it doesn’t have an official translation. Although the English script already exists with the Gamecube version, reworking it in the original Nintendo 64 would take an inordinate amount of time, and Nintendo hasn’t shown much interest in doing so in the past.

Twinkle Tale is a popular but extremely rare Genesis game

Twinkle Tale Genesis NSO

Some people may not recognize the game Glittering tale and this is because the game is extremely rare even in its home country. It was published by an unknown developer and its publisher is missing, making it not only difficult to find copies today, but missing from online services. Glittering tale is a fantastic top-down shooting and running game in which players take on the role of a wizard casting magic spells to take down monsters. Release Glittering tale would allow more people to experience a game lost in time, but since its publisher is no longer and Sega is likely charging Nintendo Genesis licensing fees, it may not be able to leave Japan.

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Derby Stallion 64 horse racing is fun but culturally Japanese

Derby Stallion N64 NSO

Stallion Derby 64 is a game in a long line of successful Japanese exclusive horse racing games. Players breed, train and then race horses with the goal of winning prizes and tournaments. There have been a number of entries into the series, with games still released for the Switch and PC, and Famitsu reports that the Switch version topped all games released by Nintendo in the month of its release. The Nintendo 64 version is still generally well regarded and a good thoroughbred simulator – that would be a godsend for the expansion pack service in Japan. Horse racing is one of the few sports that Japanese citizens can legally play in, so many residents have a genuine interest in the races that take place there. Since there are many other sports in the United States and Europe with defined leagues and betting rules, other sports games with more interaction are more desirable, especially given the more problematic elements of horse racing. which are increasingly known to the public.

Langrisser II is a classic Mega Drive strategy RPG only in Japan

Langrisser 2 Genesis NSO

Langrisser’s rich history has long been overshadowed by people like Fire emblem, which has become a more modern mainstay of the RPG strategy game. Even series like Disgaea have replaced Languish, which never really gained a foothold outside of Japan due to a lack of English localization – only the first game had one before 2016. Although fan translations exist and modern remakes have brought them first two games on Steam, Switch, and PS4 in one form or another, the cute, chunky, and pixelated graphics of the second game retain a distinct charm, and sadly, it looks like only the modern revamp will continue to be available for fans of the game. Switch Strategy RPG.

Rakugakids is a visually friendly N64 combat cult classic

Rakugakids N64 NSO

Rakugakidae is a fighting game developed by Konami in the style of the 2.5D fighters that were popular at the time. There are a lot of fighting games not like street fighter these days, but back in the days of the Nintendo 64, the formula was in full force. It plays very similarly, with a mix of light and heavy attacks and combos, although it has a much more kid-friendly atmosphere that somewhat reflects PaRappa the rapper. While this may seem like a game that has a chance of being released overseas, it has only been printed in Japan and Europe and has never been re-released. Even though versions of the PAL region exist with official translations, the European version of Nintendo Switch Online will use NTSC, the US versions, which means that Rakugakidae cannot leave Japan for the expansion pack.

While these games may seem long, there is always a chance, and Nintendo’s current lineup of titles has some weird inclusions like Black nightshade and Psychotic dream. Pon Panel and Super Mario Cross are two Japanese SNES games that finally saw a re-release with the Nintendo Switch online service as well, and providing more previously unreachable content might be a way to justify the high price of the expansion pack.

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Source: Famitsu

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