Troy Baker’s 10 Best Video Game Voice Roles

Troy Baker has had a career as a voice actor in the video game industry, with one of the most prolific games he’s been involved in getting a remake in the form of The Last of Us Part I. However, Baker has had many prolific roles in gaming for over a decade now.

For fans of the medium, he is considered a household name alongside other industry veterans such as Nolan North, Laura Bailey and Jennifer Hale. From iconic characters from DC’s Batman corner to the aforementioned ones The last of us series, Troy Baker has many voice roles that will stand the test of time in the medium.


Booker DeWitt (BioShock: Infinite)

Booker holding a gun over his shoulder in front of a burning flag.

The first two BioShock the games relied on elements of survival-horror, with Infinite a more adventurous but no less dark retelling of alternate history. In terms of characters, Elizabeth is considered the one that sticks in the minds of gamers the most, but Troy Baker’s performance as protagonist Booker DeWitt was no less appreciated.

He gives some great lines of dialogue and Booker’s tragic origins and his importance to the story compared to Elizabeth and the villainous Zachary Hale Comstock are quite compelling. His performance is a great contribution to a game that balances gripping and challenging concepts with character-driven story arcs.

Joel Miller (The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II)

A stern, grizzled Joel in The Last of Us.

During the end of the PlayStation 3 generation, Naughty Dog’s The last of us served as a swan song to the console. The game received widespread critical acclaim and spawned a series as well as live-action. The last of us HBO show.

It was hailed for being an outstanding, story-driven game, and that was largely thanks to the stellar roles of Joel and Ellie. Troy Baker skillfully portrays Joel with a grizzled, tortured feel, while emphasizing his melancholic nature and moral ambiguity. It’s a role that will undoubtedly go down as his most memorable.

Joker (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Introducing Batman Arkham Origins' Joker

It’s a tall order to deliver a memorable voice performance of Joker knowing the gold standard that the legendary Mark Hamill has set. However, Baker put on an admirable and believable show as the infamous Clown Prince of Crime in the WB Games Montreal prequel. Batman: Arkham Origins.

This portrayal of the Joker matched excitingly with an earlier version of the villain facing Roger Craig Smith’s equally compelling Batman. It was an honorable portrayal and rendition of Hamill’s beloved iteration in what is arguably most underrated, yet flawed. Batman Game.

Sam Drake (Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy)

Sam Drake in the jungle in Uncharted 4.

Before The last of us (but after Crash Bandicoot), Naughty Dog rose to prominence for the acclaimed and swashbuckling success Unexplored series featuring Nolan North’s Nathan Drake. The series has been hailed for its adventurous side IndianaJones-like, and Troy Baker marked the franchise with his portrayal of Nate’s brother, Sam Drake, in The end of a thief and The lost legacy.

He gives Sam a lovable, suave personality, as well as a sympathetic, if initially mysterious, backstory. The way Baker’s performance seamlessly bounces off North’s Nathan creates an irresistible and heartwarming dynamic.

Arkham Knight/Red Riding Hood (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Jason Todd as an Arkham Knight facing Batman standing in the foreground.

Origins of Arkham wouldn’t be the last place Troy Baker would play a major role on the show. He returned to play the conflicted antagonist of Arkham Knight as titular executor.

While his true identity as Red Hood/Jason Todd. the second Robin, wasn’t nearly the surprise Rocksteady was trying to make out, his role in the story and Baker’s performance as him were impactful nonetheless. The painful and strained relationship between him and his surrogate father was palpable and integral to the plot, and part of the reason. Arkham Knight is one of the best modern superhero games.

Ocelot Revolver (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Ocelot back at Diamond Dogs base with a soldier in The Phantom Pain.

While there was controversy behind the scenes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Painfrom the development and execution of the story, the game was nonetheless a success from a stealth action perspective.

It also featured some memorable character performances, one of which was that of Baker as the famous Revolver Ocelot. Although he ventures into villainy later in the series timeline, Baker accentuates the character’s veteran nature with an air of confidence. Revolver Ocelot maintains a sense of intelligence and charm throughout his fight alongside Venom Snake.

Batman/Bruce Wayne (Batman: The Telltale Series)

Bruce Wayne wearing the Batsuit and holding its hood in the Telltale series.

Troy Baker’s catalog of Batman-related roles is rounded out by his performance as the titular Dark Knight in the Telltale Games series. The games were generally well received for their creativity in the DC sandbox, flipping conventional Batman lore on its head.

Baker brings a younger, more fluid performance as Bruce Wayne and Batman to a world that’s no less dripping with comic book aesthetics and tone. Seeing Baker’s take on Batman in the various directions players can shape his story was a breath of fresh air for a superhero character with so many incarnations.

Rhys (Tales from the Borders)

A surprised-looking Rhys in the Tales from the Borderlands character introduction.

Baker is featured in another starring role in a Telltale Games title. He plays the role of protagonist Rhys in Tales of the BorderlandsWhich one is a colorful side story in the biggest and most iconic first-person shooter series. Borderlands is widely known for its vintage brand of dark meta-humour, and Baker’s performance alongside the rest of the main cast will feel right at home with this spin-off entry.

Rhys is portrayed as flawed, but still genuinely likable and likeable. In his adventures with his companions to find the key to the vault, he also undergoes a satisfying and emotional character arc, helping to give heart to this explosive world.

Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)

Pagan Min wearing his pink suit and sitting on his throne in Far Cry 4 promo art.

from Ubisoft Far cry The series has become known for its villains, especially since the critically acclaimed hit Far Cry 3. That’s another big question given the high bar Michael Mando has set with the psychopathic, erratic Vaas in this latest game, but if there was anyone who could put on a worthy antagonistic performance, it’s Baker’s. Pagan Min.

Pagan Min is noticeably more composed on the surface than Vaas, but he’s his own brand of psychopath. This calm brings out his own commanding presence, making every encounter an intense one.

Talion (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Middle-earth: Shadow of War)

Talion leading an army of orcs with one half showing the elven wraith he is bonded with in Shadow of Mordor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and War were both exciting new interpretations of legendary author and father of the fantasy genre JRR Tolkien. This brought things back to a more grounded, dark fantasy-like setting in a pair of alternate-timeline tales. Baker plays protagonist Talion, in a duology that begins as a gritty revenge epic.

The tone of the story gets darker than what The Lord of the Rings is normally used to be well received, however, the plot itself has been criticized for being too straightforward as a revenge story. Nonetheless, Baker puts on a compelling performance as the angry, tough, and gruff protagonist.

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