Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Previews Game Modes, Controls, 4 Difficulty Levels & More

Square Enix recently published a blog post summarizing the game modes players can expect from the upcoming rhythm title, Theatrical final measuring linenext to how it controls.

First, regarding the latter, players must time their entries with incoming circles called triggers. The timing should correspond as closely as possible to the fixed rings on the right side of the screen, the Trigger Marks.

Triggers come in the following varieties:

  • Touch trigger (red circle): Press a button.
  • Slide trigger (yellow circle with arrow): Move the analog stick in the direction of the arrow. If there are two arrows, you will have to use two sticks!
  • Hold the trigger (green circle and green line): Hold down a button for the duration of the trigger and release it when finished.
  • Hold-Slide Trigger (green circle and line with an arrow at the end): Hold down a button for the duration of the trigger, and move the stick in the direction of the arrow at the end.

All songs are playable in Basic, Expert, and Ultimate difficulty levels, with an unspecified third of the songs having a fourth difficulty level called Supreme, intended to provide the highest level of challenge.

Then the songs are played through three channels, listed below:

  • BMS: battle music scene – Players defeat enemies in time with battle music.
  • FMS: field music scene – Players automatically travel through a specified landscape with the most lax terrain tracks.
  • EMS: Event Music Stages – Player time entries above a series of scenes.

Next are the many revealed game modes listed below:

  • Series Quests – Players complete 29 quests in this mode, containing 29 titles, serving to unlock playable songs and usable characters. Additionally, unlocking a title will grant its respective associated characters, with enemies explicitly joining once all stages have been completed. Quests will also have specific requirements, testing players’ customization abilities.
    • endless world is unlocked after a special title has been cleared. As the name suggests, this mode is endless. Random songs are chosen with progressively increasing difficulty. Failing three quests ends the played attempt.
  • musical scenes – Basically a free play mode where one can play any song they have unlocked. Single style controls are usable, requiring only one button, alongside pair style controls, allowing two players to be on screen. Songs unlocked in Series Quests mode are playable here.
  • Multiple combat – 4-player online competitive matches. Players can create their own custom room or join another’s. Passwords can also be set just to allow friends to play together. The tracks played are randomly chosen from the songs that each player chooses. Bursts are used to knock opponents out of their game. Some can obstruct the view of the screen while a particular one can dampen score acquisition until a note is critically hit. CollectaCards are obtained after matches have ended, with the order of collection being from highest to lowest. ProfiCards are also exchanged between players for friendly contact.
  • Museum – Menu containing playback records, music, videos and other game information.

You can see more details regarding this aforementioned wave of information via Square Enix Blog.

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Theatrical final measuring line releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 16, 2023.