The Pixel watch with a new dial

Google’s teases are intensifying for its lineup of incoming hardware. The pixel teaser of a Pixel 7 Pro hands-on yesterday was just the start, it seems. Today, Google tweeted another video with its upcoming Pixel lineup featuring a photo of a new watch face on the Pixel Watch.

Yeah, I know, it’s just a watch face. Look at it, though. It is so good.

The Pixel Watch is the device we want in our possession more than any other right now. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro certainly look good and should be solid phones with great software, but Google has never sold a smartwatch like this before. It’s the first! This is the device we begged them to make.

So anyway, apologies if a new watch face got us excited, we just can’t help it.

The watch face has a variety of shapes at each 5-minute marker, variable widths for the hour-minute-second hands, and a Google Assistant shortcut. This watch face isn’t game-changing in any way, but I think it gives us some additional clues as to where Google plans to take this device. They lean heavily on the minimal styling of the Pixel Watch, with its domed glass and sleek body. The color of the watch face also matches the band that’s attached, almost as a nod to the dynamic theme of a Pixel phone.

Now that the pricing rumors are starting to surface and the teasing isn’t likely to stop, get ready for all the Pixel Watches you can handle. We’re all into it until we find out how terrible the battery life is.