The most realistic sharks in video games

When the word shark comes to mind, one might conjure up an image of a deadly bloodthirsty creature waiting to swallow any unsuspecting human that is in the water. movies like Jaws, The megaand even movies Sharknado only further encourage the general fear of these aquatic animals. Despite the fear of sharks, there is a deep fascination around them by the public and the scientific community which has led to further study of these creatures as well as shark-themed programming, such as Shark Week.

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While today’s Shark Week is more about entertainment, it was previously aimed at raising awareness about shark conservation and dispelling misconceptions about them. While sharks, like any wild animal, can become dangerous in the right situation, most of the time they have no real interest in humans and there are several species that are not at all dangerous to humans. There are games that play on both the fear and the fascination surrounding sharks.

seven Failed deep

Failed deep is an open-world multiplayer survival game that puts players in a position no one wants to be in. After surviving a plane crash, players find themselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no way to call or ask for help. To survive, players must explore, craft, and learn skills to create or find what they need to stay alive.

Exposure to the elements, thirst, and hunger are dangers players should be aware of, but there are many other external dangers, such as sharks. There are a few sharks that are harmless, such as whale sharks, and can be hunted for their meat and skin. However, there are several aggressive sharks that will attack the player when in close proximity. In the shallow waters, players risk being attacked by tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks, and deeper waters have goblin sharks and great whites. Even one of the game’s bosses is a shark, the Megalodon.

6 endless ocean

endless ocean is a series of games that was released for the Wii. In it, the player creates their own diver character which they use to explore the game’s story. Endless Ocean 2, the player is a college student studying folklore, and the legend known as the Song of Dragons leads them on their underwater adventures. As in the first game of the series, endless ocean, Endless Ocean 2 has a wide variety of aquatic creatures for the player to discover and interact with.

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Different from the previous game, Endless Ocean 2The dangerous creatures of actually pose a threat to the player and will attack them. Among these animals are a number of different sharks, including tiger sharks, goblin sharks and great white sharks. One of the bosses in the game is a huge great white shark called Thanatos.

5 Abzu

Abzu is a visually stunning game that focuses on underwater exploration. Abzu takes place in an alternate reality where a major world event has drastically changed the ocean, leaving it desolate. Players take on the role of a diver tasked with restoring the ocean ecosystem to its former glory by reintroducing various marine wildlife.

This also includes several species of sharks. While the sharks in the game have a very simple and stylistic look, the game has remained true to reality when it comes to shark behavior. For example, in the first chapter, players can find the hidden pool that features leopard sharks. Leopard sharks are one of the shark species that are not aggressive towards humans and can be quite friendly, this also shows in the game.

4 beyond the blue

beyond the blue is another diving exploration game. Set more in reality, but in the near future, players explore the game through the perspective of a deep-sea scientist and explorer, Mirai. Through the eyes of Mirai, players discover the deepest depths of the ocean and all the life therein.

There are several sharks that Mirai can scan and gather more information about. The game was created in collaboration with the developers of the nature documentary Blue Planet II and real marine biologists who helped model the animations and behaviors of the animals in the game.

3 man eater

Whereas man eaterThe gameplay of is not reality based, its animal models are quite realistic. It’s part of what makes the game so terrifying, but thankfully, instead of battling the shark, players become the shark.

man eater is an open-world RPG that lets players evolve their sharks into the biggest and deadliest apex predator possible. There are several evolution paths and upgrades players can give their sharks, depending on what they want to focus on.

2 Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is a VR game for Oculus Quest and Quest II. Players experience a first-person perspective of the underwater world that lies in the ocean. Players discover and interact with many sea animals. There is an education mode where players can learn lots of interesting facts about the creatures they interact with.

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There are 14 different habitats with each animal located in its appropriate habitat. The game also allows players to interact with prehistoric aquatic animals. There’s even the chance to interact with a great white shark, all from the safety of a cage. Ocean Rift is another game where the player is safe from being attacked by the game’s creatures, as long as they do not come out of the diver’s cage.

1 Descent at sea

Descent at sea is a game that is part of PlayStation VR World game pack. One of five immersive VR games, Descent at sea begins with the player taking part in a rescue mission on the high seas. Players are placed in a diving cage and gradually descend further into the water at the site of a rumored shipwreck.

At first everything seems to be going well, the player’s equipment is working well and he is treated to the beautiful sight of the sea life around him. But, as they get closer to the site, things start to go wrong. Radiation, equipment malfunction, and the potential revelation of a government secret are all things to worry about, but the biggest danger to the player is the lurking great white shark.

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