The biggest video game news of the week (June 11

The last seven days in video games have been incredibly busy. Not only because the start of this run caught the end of Summer Game Fest’s opening weekend, but also because the news this weekend continued to pick up momentum, Final Fantasy 7 had 25 years and the revamped version of PlayStation Plus has finally arrived in the United States. . Seems like a good place to start as we break down all of the biggest stories from the past week in games.

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PlayStation Plus is now available in the US

The rollout of PlayStation’s new tiered PS Plus system began last month and it’s gradually coming around the world as Sony tries to iron out all of its issues. Monday marked its arrival in the United States, beginning what will likely be the biggest test for the service yet and for the foreseeable future. Unlike its launch in Asia where those who piled on their subscriptions faced hefty fees, PS Plus’s arrival in the US seems to have been relatively smooth. More games across its Extra and Premium tiers have emerged, and unless you were dumb enough to buy Tekken 2 when it was accidentally listed for $9,999, then you’ve probably had a great first. week with the new PS Plus.


Starfield and its 1000 planets

The joint Xbox and Bethesda showcase could well have been the highlight of Summer Game Fest’s opening weekend. The biggest benefit of this has been the boatload of new information revealed about Starfield. Once the dust settles, the talk surrounding the reveal that Bethesda’s next epic will feature over 1,000 planets could begin. Todd Howard bragged about it like it was a good thing, but not everyone agrees. Even though Starfield won’t be here until 2023, those planning to pick it up are already concerned that Bethesda has opted for quantity over quality. Elsewhere on the Starfield front, the game has been confirmed to use procedural generation, and its main story will be 20% larger than Skyrim’s.

Learn more about Redfall

Starfield wasn’t the only reason if you skipped the Xbox showcase, you were missing out. The console creator’s 2022 slate seems a little thin, but 2023 will be a big year for Xbox. Redfall will arrive around the same time as Starfield, and now we know a lot more about it. Early days still of course, but Redfall looks a lot like another Arkane hit after Deathloop. The only fear potential players seem to have right now is Redfall’s co-op. The team behind this has revealed that only the party leader’s campaign progress will be saved, which might require you to play parts of the game multiple times.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is coming (we promise)

The hits really kept coming during this showcase. Hollow Knight fans have been waiting for Silksong, the DLC that will eventually become a sequel, for a very long time. And as hinted and rumored beforehand, Silksong really made an appearance on Sunday, with a new trailer and gameplay preview. However, still no sign of a release date, which everyone was hoping to see. On the bright side, the gameplay reveal was followed by an assurance that Silksong will be here within the next 12 months. This most likely means that it will be so in the first half of 2023, barring any delays.

Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary

There was no live or inventory that was not too publicized in advance. Final Fantasy 7 fans did the same before Thursday’s anniversary stream, but to the surprise of anyone tuning in to this stuff, it actually worked. Despite being a very short show, Square Enix managed to cram in a lot of it. Not just news about its FF7 mobile games, but the reveal that Crisis Core is being remastered, and even major news about the next chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The next game will shake the remake tag in Rebirth’s favor, and it’s also been confirmed that there will be a third part coming.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced

Final Fantasy 7 fans who love Dragon’s Dogma had a tough decision to make on Thursday. For some strange reason, Capcom decided to celebrate the latter’s tenth anniversary at the same time as the former was celebrating its 25th. Since Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t have as much story as FF7, there will never be so much news. There was a big reveal though. Confirmation, finally, that Dragon’s Dogma is getting a sequel. No trailer, no release date, in fact, little more than the sequel logo on a t-shirt, but that was enough.

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