The best LEGO video games according to the reviews

LEGO has a long heritage of classic games, but trends in the franchise’s review ratings highlight a preference for modern video games.

LEGO has a long history when it comes to some pretty amazing video games. Even before the Traveller’s Tales days of branded movies and games, LEGO released some incredible classics like Lego runners and Lego Island. LEGO games didn’t quite reach their current level of massive success until Traveler’s Tales developed the original. LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game in 2005.

Since then there have been a ton of Lego games, many of which are themed with massive media properties like Star wars and DC Comics. These games really capture the creativity of LEGOs with their level of customization and satisfying brick-by-brick destruction. While many fans have nostalgic memories of the original series of Lego games, which critics call the best may surprise longtime fans.

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5. LEGO The Lord of the Rings (79.5)

A screenshot of the PC version of LEGO The Lord of the Rings.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings was an incredibly innovative title that pushed what LEGO games were capable of. Reviews tend to be quite divided on many aspects of LEGO LotR, although most seem to agree that as the Tales of the Traveler formula began to age, the fantastic world of The Lord of the Rings worked well.

Some technical issues are delaying this game, mainly due to some pretty serious bugs that could easily block players. Some reviewers also couldn’t ignore that Traveler’s Tales hadn’t really taken a risk with their LEGO sets and had tried something new. Although some may find this game a bit too similar to the Lego Star Wars series before her, LEGO The Lord of the Rings worth a visit for any fantasy or LEGO fan.

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4. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (80)

Hermione laughed at Ron's attempts to fix Harry's glasses.

Easily one of the most influential games for future LEGO titles, Lego harry potter introduced items that would become trademarks of future entries, including character-specific puzzles and an expanded open world. Lego harry potter also added portraits of animated characters intended to refer to the Harry potter universe, only for this feature to find its place in every future LEGO game.

Critics loved the charm of this game and the massive amount of collectibles hidden throughout the game, including in some of the new puzzles around the world that rewarded players for exploring with unlocked characters. The story of Harry potter the films were also well suited, with many reviews pointing out that the classic charm of silent storytelling worked very well in the Harry potter universe. Again, some technical issues brought its score down, but many reviewers said the charm of the game distracted attention from these issues.

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3. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (81)

While old-school LEGO fans may have left the ship once the characters started talking, those who stayed were treated to LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The previous Lego batman The game was not very well received, mainly due to clumsy attempts to innovate the formula which was hampered by Traveller’s Tales not wanting to pull the trigger on new ideas. Lego batman 2 focuses on innovation and is considered by many to be the benchmark for all modern LEGO games.

For starters, the level-by-level structured gameplay of the LEGO games is translated well into the explorable open world of Gotham. Given that Lego batman 2 was the first LEGO game to include an open world, there was some engine tension whenever co-op was used. Apart from these little bugs, there is certainly something to be said about the legacy of Lego batman 2, especially since all future LEGO games would follow his innovations.

2. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (82.5)

The three key arts for LEGO Star Wars titles

Many fans would probably consider LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga to be the best LEGO game ever, although critics can at least agree that it is the best classic LEGO game. The Complete Saga was more than the first two Lego Star Wars games stapled together. It added new characters, new levels, completely redesigned levels, new missions, and an expanded Mos Eisley Cantina that served as a global hub.

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The large amount of content in The Complete Saga is his main praise from critics, though classic LEGO gameplay and humor certainly helped him review well. Again, there is a certain charm in The Complete Saga this made the game difficult to pass on. While some critics believed the game could have done more to differentiate itself from the first two Lego Star Wars games, others firmly stated that this was the definitive way to enjoy Lego Star Wars, at least until LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally frees.

1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (84.5)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

2013 Lego marvel super heroes took what Traveller’s Tales had learned from Lego batman 2 to create the best LEGO game ever, a claim that still stands when compared to the reviews scores of the most recent games. Fans are a bit harsher on this one, mainly due to the simplified character creation that LEGO games were known for. Aside from that minor complaint, the new version of the open world brawler on LEGO games has been perfected in this title.

Critics loved the amount of Marvel-themed content in this game, especially since a ton of obscure characters from the comics were included. Replayability is a big factor in why Lego marvel super heroes has been reviewed so well, especially since most LEGO games tend not to be enjoyable for finalists until after the main story. Not only are critics calling it the best LEGO game ever, but Lego marvel super heroes remains the best-selling LEGO game of all time.

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