The 4 Best Xbox One Controller Phone Holders

Since Xbox One controllers connect via Bluetooth, you can use yours to play on your phone – and the best Xbox One controller phone mounts make that easy and convenient. Obviously, compatibility with your Xbox One controller will be a deciding factor. That said, you’ll also want to consider phone compatibility and additional features that suit your needs and playstyle.

First off, unless a mount fits your specific Xbox One controller, it won’t do you any good. Luckily, even off-brand mounts are pretty transparent about which models are compatible – and if you’re unsure, you can always check the reviews. Since most mounts are designed to hold your phone in a landscape position using an adjustable clamp, phone compatibility can be a bit more flexible; Just make sure your phone’s width matches the measurement range, which I have listed under each product.

Finally, consider additional features that will make your gaming experience more comfortable and convenient. Are you looking for the perfect foldable stand for travelling? How about one with multiple hinges so you can find the perfect gaming angle? Maybe a stand that grips your phone magnetically so you can attach and detach it in seconds is what you want? You’ll find these features in the controller mounts below, and all of them will fit your Xbox One controller.

1. Most Popular

This foldable controller stand has over 8,500 reviews and an overall rating of 4.3 stars because it’s affordable, well-designed, and compatible with a wide range of controllers. The rubber interior is grippy yet scratch-resistant on your controller and phone, while the 160-degree adjustable hinge lets you set a comfortable angle. This one also features a foldable and travel-friendly design, a built-in kickstand, and included thumb grips, and most buyers found it easy to slot their phone in.

  • Compatible controllers: Xbox One, Xbox, Xbox Series X, IOS, Xbox 360, Xbox Elite
  • Compatible phone sizes: 1.57 to 3.55 inches wide

A reviewer wrote: “I love this clip! I played games on Microsoft’s Project xCloud beta, and this clip was perfect! I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 with an Otterbox Symmetry Series case attached to an XboxOne controller, and haven’t had any issues. I also like the metal stand that folds out on the back. This is ideal for resting the controller on a desk or table while gaming. Highly recommended!”

2. The strongest

OtterBox is known for its ultra-durable phone cases, and this OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip brings the same durability to your mobile gaming setup. It’s designed specifically for Xbox controllers, so it won’t interfere with your controller’s functionality – and it’s strong and big enough to hold some of the biggest phones with the bulkiest cases (OtterBox included). Extendable arms, adjustable angles, and rubberized grips have undergone hours of testing to ensure a stable grip while gaming. It folds up for easy storage and transport, and it doubles as a tabletop stand for your phone.

  • Compatible controllers: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Core
  • Compatible phone sizes: up to 3.875 inches

A reviewer wrote: “I went through 2 different types of these before deciding to just buy the OtterBox clip. It’s built to last, so if you’re playing on the go, there’s no better option available. […] The price is high for a gaming clip but once you use it (and let it go) you realize that Otter Box actually has to test ALL the products they sell. I appreciate the engineering that clearly went into the design and execution and will continue to look forward to purchasing all Otter Box Gaming products at full retail price as they are superior.

3. The best adaptability

Most game clips have a single hinge so you can adjust the tilt of the screen, but the 8Bitdo mobile game clip was designed with two different axes. As a result, you can adjust both tilt and height, and since it comes with two different clips, it also has extremely wide compatibility (including new Xbox wireless controllers) and, according to reviews, it is well designed and sturdy.

  • Compatible controllers: Xbox One, Xbox Elite and (with other clip included) Xbox Bluetooth controllers
  • Compatible phone sizes: 1.93 to 3.39 inches

A reviewer wrote: “Works great with the Xbox series wireless controller and my pixel 4a. Feels sturdy and adjustments are easy to make to get the best ergonomics.

4. The best magnetic phone holder

While most mobile game clips use a clamp to secure your phone, the OtterBox MagSafe game clip uses a shiny magnetic design. So if you have a MagSafe phone, it will attach and detach in seconds, without having to worry about settings. It also lets you change the angle during gameplay and is designed to stay balanced without affecting the functionality of the controller’s buttons and switches.

  • Compatible Controllers: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2
  • Compatible Phone Sizes: Any MagSafe Phone

A reviewer wrote“I’m a casual gamer who doesn’t own an Xbox. I invested in controllers to pair with my iPhone and Apple TV. Playing with my iPhone was inconvenient. It was too close too far or the angle was just wrong. But it changed things. It folds flat on the controller in order to protect the joystick from shocks if it falls on the ground. It has a great viewing angle and good balance for gameplay. And it’s a perfect stand for hands-free streaming.