The 3D action game “ONI” (working title) receives a charming trailer; Asian, North American and European releases confirmed

Publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment has announced an upcoming title in collaboration with indie game developer Kenei Design. This title, currently called ONI, is a 3D action title where players control Kuta, a demon defeated by a certain “man” in battle. After meeting his partner Kazemaru on Kisejima Island and solidifying their bond and gaining power, the two set out to seek revenge on Momotaro, a demon posing as a man who is presumably the one who defeated Kuta in the past.

This game is developed in cooperation with Shueisha’s Game Creators Camp, which supports independent creators, whether solo or in small teams. ONI is currently a working title and is not the finalized name.

You can see the officially revealed screenshots for ONI below:

You can see the trailer for ONI below:

ONI is expected to be launched in Asia, North America and Europe. However, no release date for these regions or the release platforms has been given.

This title looks undeniably charming, and I can’t wait to see more of its setting, cast, and fights unveiled in the future. The art direction alone also demonstrates an obvious love for game design. Congratulations and good luck to the creatives behind this project, and I hope it will be a resounding success.

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