The 10 Best Soccer Video Games Of All Time, According To Reddit

Crazy 23 is one of many video games that have dropped recently and are sure to be popular among football fans and the gaming community, following the passing of the iconic John Madden.

Because the Madden franchise has dominated the football video game market, fans have grown frustrated with its lackluster efforts to add new features and fix issues. Redditors have listed their all-time favorite soccer video games, and it’s no surprise that they haven’t listed any recent Madden games.


10/10 NFL Street

PS2 / GameCube / Xbox

NFL Street is one of the more unique entries on this list, which is probably why Redditor pernero suggested it. They enjoyed that “the sheer randomness of every pass and fumble gives the game a pretty crazy feel”.

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This is exactly what sets the game apart from traditional soccer games. For one, it’s 7-for-7 rather than 11, and showboating after scoring a touchdown is strongly encouraged. The player can earn “style points” by performing style moves, such as generating a big play or taunting the opposing team. Although played on the streets, the game includes NFL rosters from 2003, as well as many NFL legends.

9/10 NFL Blitz 2000

PlayStation / Nintendo 64 / Dreamcast / Windows / Game Boy Color

“NFL Blitz fans? asks Redditor arichi. They and fellow Redditors agree that this game was a blast to play. NFL Blitz seems like a hidden gem, as it is one of many great sports video games that time has forgotten.

What started as an arcade game, NFL Blitz is similar to NFL Street in its deviation from standard NFL rules. Everything is designed to increase the speed and aggressiveness of the game, thus making it more attractive for players. For example, there is no pass interference or timeouts, and much shorter quarters. The style was theatrical and over the top, as the quarterback could throw the ball almost the length of the field itself and tackles inspired by wrestling moves.

8/10 Super Bowl Tecmo

NES / Playstation

A deleted Reddit user points out that Tecmo Super Bowl”was groundbreaking for a 1991 NES game” and there are several reasons for that.

The game was the first to include real teams and players from the NFL, which has become a staple of contemporary games. He developed his predecessor, Tecmo Bowl, in that it contained larger manuals and kept statistics and records. The game was so popular that it landed at #53 on the “Top 100 NES Games of All Time” chart (according to IGN). Bo Jackson was nearly unstoppable, which made him a joy to play with and a terror to play against.

7/10 Madden NFL 08

GameCube / Wii / PS2 / PS3 / Xbox 360

Redditor skepticismissuvivival believes that Crazy 08 is the best of all Madden games, calling it a favorite. Because the game was primarily released on next-gen consoles, it had improved graphics, more realistic gameplay, and an impressive presentation.

This was the first time a player could have an attribute rating of 100. The game added a “Weapons” feature which was found in subsequent Madden games. This feature utilized a player’s best abilities. For example, Vince Young had the “Speed ​​QB” weapon, which excited players because they could use Young like they used Michael Vick in previous Madden. This made the Tennessee Titans one of the best teams to play, just like in Madden 23.

PSP/PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360

A deleted Reddit user is bragging about his win-loss record while playing NCAA Football 07. It shows his love for the game. The gameplay and graphics were very similar to Madden games of the same year.

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However, he emphasized momentum, which acted much like a real football game. The most loved feature was Campus Legend (the NCAA version of Superstar Mode) but unfortunately was not available on the Xbox 360 version. It gave players the full college experience, from choosing a school to maintaining grades . It was also an incentive to own Madden 07, as players could transfer their player to the NFL upon graduation.

5/10 Madden NFL 2005

Game Boy Advance / GameCube / PlayStation / PS2 / Xbox / Nintendo DS / Windows

In Crazy 2005, Redditor gyman122 liked that players could create a playbook and switch it to Franchise Mode, the latest Madden to do so. However, it contained things that are found in later editions.

Fellow Redditor lightning87 raves about the “best owner mode yet,” where a player can control prices, from tickets to concessions. The introduction of “The Tony Bruno Show” gave the game a grounded feeling, as the radio show often referenced decisions made by players in their franchise. With Ray Lewis on the cover, there was a new feature added (this time on defense). Players could now use the Hit Stick in order to create more fumbles.

4/10 Madden NFL 06

Game Boy Advance / GameCube / PS2 / Xbox / Xbox 360 / Nintendo DS / Windows

PoopMachin3 cited “the offense of the Colts, Vick, Pats, ridiculous running backs like LT and Bettis” among the things they enjoyed in Crazy 06. “I remember spending days playing this game,” recalls iammas13.

The two Redditors listed some new game features that really sucked them in. For one, the truck stick was introduced, which now allows players to use those “ridiculous backs” to smash budding tacklers. It was also the start of the fan-favorite Superstar mode, where a player could live the life of an NFL player. One of the more unique features was the Vision Cone, which helped players hit their receivers. The better the quarterback’s awareness, the wider the cone. Aside from Peyton Manning, Tom Brady was among the best players in the game, just like he is in Madden 23-17 Seasons Later.

PS3 / Xbox 360

BeYourHucklebbery11 suggests NCAA Soccer 14, but the only downside seems to be its exclusivity – because “you’ll need a PS3 and an Xbox 360”. The biggest appeal of the game was its presentation.

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While playing, players felt like they were watching a real college football game on ESPN, with score updates, commentary from classic Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso, and a highlighted halftime show by Rece Davis and David Pollack. The recruiting was much more thorough, with coaching contracts and new fight songs that gave the game a real college feel. Due to licensing issues, this is the last NCAA football game created by EA, making it extremely valuable and expensive. However, a new college football game is on the way, for Screen Rant.

2/10 Madden NFL 2004

Game Boy Advance / GameCube / PlayStation / PS2 / Xbox / Windows

Crazy 2004 is one of the best Madden games. In fact, it even beat other games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for “Game of the Year”.

Mention Crazy 2004 to anyone and the first word they say is “Vick”. Players, like ac91, love playing as quarterbacks for the Atlanta Falcons. He was basically a cheat code using his legs to make other players look stupid. Due to its superiority, future Madden games had to keep features intact just to level the playing field. Additionally, the game added a pre-season training camp, where players could submit their players to exercises to increase their attributes and overall score.

1/10 ESPN NFL 2K5

PS2 / Xbox

Many Redditors listed ESPN 2K5 as the greatest football game of all time. The only downside seemed to be the faces of the players. Hawkissimo and ResidentJabroni agreed that there are many aspects that not only make this a great game, but even better than rival Madden series.

These aspects include the smooth gameplay and smart AI. While Madden had the iconic commentary sets of Al Michaels and John Madden, ESPN 2K5 had a better presentation put together. The famous Chris Berman would appear for the players’ pregame and halftime shows in a Sportscenter-style show. The personal feeling players get with this is something Madden has yet to achieve.

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