The 10 Best Fireworks in Video Games

Fireworks are a fantastic light show that brings people together at some of the most important holidays of the year. However, fireworks aren’t limited to the real world, as you can experience them in video games as well.

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When you watch fireworks in video games, they often have an even more unique shape or sound than in the real world because there aren’t as many limitations. Here are the best fireworks in video games and what makes them each so special.

ten Far cry 6


Far Cry 6 is different from most of the other games on this list because instead of a light show you can deploy the fireworks directly with the Pyrotechno weapon. This weapon shoots fireworks quickly wherever you aim at it, which is a lot of fun.

Your enemies will flee in fear when they hear the crackle of your brilliant fireworks launcher shooting at them from across the battlefield. If you love fireworks and want to create your own light show while simultaneously battling enemies, use the Pyrotechno in Far Cry 6.


9 Batman: Arkham Asylum


Batman: Arkham Asylum is famous for its tough fights and gripping history, but there’s another reason to praise this superhero game. There are fireworks as you enter the courtyard of Arkham Asylum, and it’s a sight to behold.

Although Joker and the other villains are evil, they still love a nice display of jumping light, so they thought it was important to include fireworks in Batman’s challenging adventure. If you like fireworks and superheroes, then it doesn’t get better than Batman: Arkham Asylum.

8 Forza Horizon 5


Forza Horizon 5 is one of the prettiest games available on Xbox consoles, so it’s no surprise that the fireworks are a sight to behold as well. You can sometimes witness a fireworks display while navigating the map, and it includes many colors of the rainbow.

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It was already a blast riding the open world of Forza Horizon 5 in its usual form, but the addition of fireworks to the night sky makes for a smoother ride that you won’t soon forget, especially if you love realistic graphics.

seven Minecraft


Minecraft has plenty of ways to customize your world, including fireworks. You can create tons of different fireworks with multiple shapes and colors, so even the rockets themselves are customizable. You can use dispensers to launch multiple fireworks at once if you want to create a massive display of lights.

Since you can customize the shape of the fireworks display, you can create your own light show that matches your unique style. If you are more interested in creating fireworks than watching fireworks, then Minecraft is the perfect game to celebrate a holiday with fireworks.

6 Fortnite


There are different types of fireworks in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, but each one is spectacular in its own way. There is a firework item that you can use to destroy structures, which is especially useful during a construction battle or when an enemy is hiding in a building.

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Additionally, fireworks occasionally visit the Fortnite map during events, such as New Years Eve. The screens usually feature specific shapes, and they work well with Fortnite’s event setup style during events. ‘a live match, but don’t let the fireworks distract you from your enemies.

5 Disneyland adventures


Many video games include fireworks, but Disneyland Adventures has an entire attraction dedicated to fireworks. The “Firework Spectacular” mini-game offers dozens of possible fireworks.

One of the best things about Disneyland Adventures fireworks is that they include many shapes and colors, with a very different flow between the explosions. All fireworks lovers should watch them for a while as they are truly a unique sight to behold.

4 Fallout 4


Similar to Fortnite, Fallout 4 also has fireworks in a few different locations. You can create your own fireworks display with the Contraptions DLC. While the fireworks are somewhat basic, it’s always a treat to see them over post-apocalyptic Boston.

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Additionally, there is a fireworks display that you can witness by powering up Nuka-World in the Nuka-World DLC. Nuka-World is already a beautiful destination from afar, so witnessing the fireworks over the park is the icing on the cake, especially at night.

3 Hitman


There is a lot to love about Hitman as a video game. He has unique gameplay, great graphics for his generation and a great protagonist. You can also watch a fireworks display on the balcony during the first episode.

The missions in Hitman have a serious tone, so the fireworks display is a nice change of pace while stalking targets. The fireworks themselves are quite beautiful and quick, so you can expect a sight that will be fondly remembered. Hitman is a phenomenal game, and like every other game on this list, it’s even better with fireworks.

2 Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto 5 has a lot of content to check out and it is regularly updated with new activities that keep the online mode of the game fresh. There are a few events and holidays that let you experience a magnificent fireworks display, such as July 4th.

If watching fireworks crackle above the city lights is the type of event you love to experience, then Grand Theft Auto 5’s fireworks are sure to keep you entertained. The fireworks add a bit of extra color to the Los Santos skyline.

1 Tetris effect


Tetris Effect is an amazing game if you like the Tetris franchise and it is even more colorful than usual because of all the fireworks. You will see fireworks as you complete the levels on the side of your screen.

While Tetris Effect’s fireworks aren’t its main draw as a game, it does add a certain magic that video game developers can’t capture with any other mechanics. Fireworks and Tetris go together surprisingly well, it’s an explosive combination.

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