The 10 best Digimon games, ranked

Originally conceived as the more “masculine” counterpart of Tamagotchi, Digimon is a multimedia franchise consisting of virtual pet toys, anime, and even a collectible card game. It also offers a wide range of video games, released on many different consoles.

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The Digimon the games are unique in their own way, including multiple RPGs, a few platforms, and even a racing game. Yet whatever the genre, Digivolving is still the name of the game. Among the collection of great Digimon games, these 10 are considered by fans to be the best.

ten Digimon World

Digimon World Gaiamon

The original Digimon World sold very well for Bandai, although it did come with a few warts. Technical issues abounded and players were often confused by the game mechanics. Add in some disappointing features and novice players might find themselves in a difficult experience.

Despite these setbacks, however, the game involves traveling to a 3D Digimon world and a story that is alluring enough to wind players up. Digimon World may not have overthrown the video game empire that is Pokemon, but it paved the way for the future Digimon upcoming games.

9 Digimon Adventure

Link Combo in Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure is an account of the original Digimon Adventure animated series, recounting the events of the first season of the series. It even has the original Japanese actors to boot. The graphics are done in cel-shading, and they look very impressive on the PSP.

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The gameplay features engaging 3v3 battles and stunning illustrations and animations. The soundtrack is solid as well, and additional content is included. It’s a shame that Digimon Adventure was never released in the west, but an English patch made by fans in 2018 is helping to soften the injury.

8 Digimon DS World

Digimon World DS characters and game title on yellow background

The first one Digimon World A title released for the Nintendo DS, this video game has a pixelated 2D art style that some fans will find endearing. It comes with over 300 Digimon, and the sprites and animations of each digital monster are aesthetically pleasing.

The combat system is complex and the additional screen allows for more tactical gameplay. The main feature includes the Digi-Farm, where the player can level up, evolve and communicate with their Digimon. Digimon DS World also uses a wireless connection, and players can trade Digimon and fight with others online.

7 Dawn and dusk of the Digimon world

Two side-by-side images of Digimon World Dawn & Dusk

Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk is essentially a series of Digimon DS World, and is a step up from the handheld predecessor. It follows the Pokemon release formula of two separate games, both featuring the same story but with Digimon on the theme of day and night.

While Dawn of the Digimon World includes Dragon, Water, Bird and Sacred type Digimon, Twilight of the Digimon World has Dark, Bug, Machine, and Beast type. The quests for each game are based on the cash available. What’s more, Twilight of the Digimon World is more story driven, while Dawn of the Digimon World is more tournament oriented.

6 Digimon World: next order

Digimon World Next Order gameplay

Digimon World: next order is an open-world RPG, with gameplay slightly similar to the original Digimon World. In some ways it almost looks like a Character game, at least from a storytelling point of view, although the Character The series includes a lot of hidden things that fans might not know about.

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Instead of one Digimon following you around, two Digimon can be by your side. The player can choose from 10 companions at the start of the game. These Digimon companions will grow and evolve throughout the story, and the player must meet the next stage requirements for their Digimon within a set number of days.

5 Digimon Re: digitize

Digimon Re Digitize gameplay on PSP

Digimon World Re: Digitize is a visually pleasing game, with amazing graphics and character models made by Durarara illustrator, Suzuhito Yasuda. The mix of character models and graphics, along with an intricate storyline, make for an engaging tale that players will be immersed in.

On the gameplay side, Re: digitize is an open-world RPG where the tamers strategize and the Digimon execute them as they fight on their own. This game was only released in Japan, getting a translation by fans a bit later for English-speaking audiences to enjoy as well.

4 Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 gameplay

On the surface, Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is more or less one Super Smash Bros clone. Sixteen Digimon are playable, in total, but 40 forms are available thanks to the Digivolver ability in combat.

One thing that Rumble Arena 2 done differently from Smash bros is that his characters have health bars. The Digimon can absorb orbs to collect more energy, allowing them to digivolve into more powerful forms. The controls can be awkward and the game is quite lopsided, but Rumble Arena 2 is always a fun game for any Digimon fan.

3 Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hacker’s Memoir

Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth Hacker's Memory gameplay

Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory was brought to the west as a result of Re: digitize being a huge hit in Japan. Many consider this game to be even better than Re: digitize, taking everything the top-selling title has done and making it better.

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Pirate’s memory offers 340 different Digimon and a well-written and effective story. Not only that, but the graphics are top notch and the combat sequences are quite exhilarating as well. The gameplay is more polished compared to Cyber ​​detective, but still feels long and repetitive at times.

2 Digimon World 3

Digimon World 3 gameplay

Digimon World 3 plays like a classic JRPG, with a dramatically improved combat system over the previous two world entries. Although it came out at the end of the life of the PS1, there was a lot to be done, as there was no new Pokemon games at the time.

This game has it all: fast-paced gameplay, improved graphics, a wide variety of Digimon and a great soundtrack. Each Digimon comes with its own level development, adding some replay value as players can upgrade their monsters every day so they can get as strong as possible.

1 Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Detective

The DigiFarm in Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth Complete Edition

Cyber ​​Detective is a critically acclaimed Digimon game best known for its return to the play style of Digimon World. It’s a very story driven game with lots of interesting storylines and character development. In fact, this game has even helped to rekindle the interest of Digimon in the West.

History and characters aside, Cyber ​​Detective offers a large collection of 240 Digimon, with a few character cameos from previous games to keep the continuity intact. Although the game is quite long and requires players to grind, older fans of Digimon (the target audience for the game) will appreciate Cyber ​​Detective to find the classic Digimon to feel.

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