Summer Games Done Quick Features Consecutive Elden Ring Races

The calendar of the Summer games done quickly event from June 26 to July 3 has been unveiled. It looks like a pretty stacked lineup this year, but I’ve listed some of the spiciest entries below:

Introducing the Ocarina of Time Beta

Friday, July 3, 4:57 p.m. PST / 12:57 a.m. BST

dwangoAC, TASBot, Save State, Sauraen

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time went through significant changes until its release in 1998, and last year a collection of early versions of cards cut during development leaked online. Modders have managed to get them working in-game, and this showcase looks like an interesting and informative dive into those early designs.

Superhot VR Any%

Saturday, July 2, 7:21 a.m. PST / 3:21 p.m. BST


Sleek time-stopping mega-shooter Superhot is a natural fit for both speedrunning and VR, so davidtki’s planned run feels like a slam dunk for GDQ. We’ve already covered the joys of VR speedrunning with Buffet Time’s Half-Life: Alyx at SGDQ 2020, and it also has a run planned for this year’s event. I don’t know if the novelty of a VR speedrun will ever fade for me. Sounds pretty physically demanding – well, a speedrun for the athletic.

Elden Ring All Remembrances/Any% back to back

Saturday, July 2, 7:25, 9:35 p.m. PST / Sunday, July 3, 3:25, 5:35 BST

catalyze, HYP3RSOMNIAC

It seems everyone has caught Elden Ring fever these days, and the rapid contraction of its world record to less than nine minutes shortly after its release was a sight to behold. SGDQ launches this flash-and-you-ll-miss-it any% by Catalyst right after an “all memories” marathon by HYP3RSOMNIAC. All memories involve killing all main (and some optional) bosses in the game, but luckily not all last of Elden Ring’s 165 bad boys with big health bars: Souls series speedrunner LilAggy seems to hold the world record there with a huge hour 7:45:45.

Mass Effect Any% No Mako

Sunday, June 26, 12:48 p.m. PST / 8:48 p.m. BST


A “No Mako” series of BioWare’s classic sci-fi ARPG involves breaking boundaries in the gaming world so you don’t have to use ME1’s infamous all-terrain APC. I’m just pissed that these speedrunners are avoiding what is objectively, undeniably, the best part of the game. No kidding, no Mako slander in my house.