Summer Games Done Quick 2022 will start this weekend

Speedrun’s annual Summer Games Done Quick charity event will be back this coming weekend in a big way. For the past two years, the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have forced event organizers to ensure that the SGDQ takes place entirely online. But this year, the event will finally allow runners and participants to meet in person. The event will take place at the DoubleTree Hilton hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. But of course, those who prefer to stay at home can simply watch the event live on Twitch. It will start on June 26 and last until July 3, and it will send its accumulated donations to Doctors Without Borders.

Just because the event will be held in person doesn’t mean organizers have neglected COVID-19 safety precautions. Rather, SGDQ 2022 will require participants to show proof of full vaccination and bring KN95, N95 or KF94 masks to wear. Additionally, the event will limit the number of attendees to more easily allow for social distancing.

What games can we expect to see?

This year’s QMSS will feature lots of pc gamesincluding some classics like Solid Metal Gear 2, Super meat boyand the first the devil may cry. Of course, the event will also include some notable games released more recently, such as Infinite Halo and Tunic. Notably, the event will end with two rounds of Ring of Eldenone with an “All Memories” category and another that will be an “Any%” bonus race.

It makes sense that Summer Games Done Quick 2022 would choose the biggest game of the year as its grand finale, but of course viewers have plenty of other races to look forward to once the event begins this weekend. Games Done Quick events in general have been hugely successful in recent years, so this one will likely be no different.