Starfield’s latest video is about the game’s audio and music

A tradition that began more than twenty years ago with MorrowwindBethesda’s games have long been known for their memorable main themes, and the emphasis on music follows in star field as well. Since by Starfield announcement at E3 2018, Bethesda fans were curious to know its main melody and how it would measure up to the iconic leitmotifs of the Fall and old scrolls franchisees.

The composer attached to star field is none other than Inon Zur, known for his work in the Fall and dragon age games, as well as Scout: Kingmaker. Zur has unquestionably become Bethesda Game Studios’ favorite composer in recent years, having scored The Elder Scrolls: Bladesas well as Fallout 76and his sharp ideas and contagious enthusiasm for weaving the musical tapestry of star field is easy to see.


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In the third “Into the Starfield” video, audio director Mark Lampert and composer Inon Zur sit down to discuss the sound of the adventure, with a particular focus on establishing the overall musical identity of star field through its main theme. From the melody to the choice of instruments, Inon Zur explains the artistic decisions that gave rise to the memorable musical piece that has captured the imagination of fans since 2018.

Simply, by Starfield the music evokes a sense of wonder, a desire to explore; it’s an invitation to the stars above, and a call to adventure. It’s also a homecoming. Inon Zur emphasizes that what truly establishes by Starfield identity is its cyclical progression at the heart of its main theme: it is the round trip.

The instruments – as well as the way Inon Zur chose to use them – represent the duality of space: from woodwinds playing a high frequency sequence to strings playing long chords in contrast. by Starfield The theme paints a musical picture of both the immeasurable vastness of space and its tiniest and most volatile particles, eternally intertwined.

This musical identity for star field is sprinkled throughout the game in the same way, and according to Mark Lampert the idea is to take the core elements of the main theme and hide them through clever sound design in a way that is subconsciously noticeable to players. , thus creating a cohesive living atmosphere.

If the soundtracks of Fall games are something to be had, so fans are in for a musical treat on Nov. 11 when star field is about to launch. As for Inon Zur’s future, we can only hope that his collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios will continue in the next old scrolls game too.

star field releases November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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