Stardew Valley’s “You’re Dead” Theory Explained

Valley of stars is an unpretentious and colorful farming simulation featuring cute romances, magical sprites called Junimos, and a variety of animals like cats, chickens and ostriches. But beneath the bright, happy pixels are darker truths and heavier themes like the Joja society ruining small businesses and love affairs that can result in children born out of wedlock. And at the forefront of these sinister theories is none other than the “You are dead” Valley of stars fan theory.

The You Are Dead Theory, also sometimes referred to as the “You Died at Joja” Theory because it has no official name, is one that tries to make sense of the weird world of video games when it doesn’t. maybe not that deep. . After all, Valley of stars is inspired by Harvest Moon / History of the Seasons games, which all play out the same, essentially setting the standard for the farming simulator genre. However, this is a common theory posed with respect to most semi-fantastic worlds; some players have suggested the same about the Animal crossing series.

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The farmer died early in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley intro scene with grandfather

During the all-new introductory sequence Valley of stars save the file, a skippable cutscene plays showing the player character working in Joja’s drab offices. At the end of their social life, the player decides to open his grandfather’s letter and they inherit his dilapidated old farmhouse, putting the game on its course. During this scene, players will likely notice a skeleton at a desk. Some believe it could be the player himself, dead at his desk.

Some theorists will also say that all the villagers in Pelican Town are also dead and everyone is stuck in purgatory. Another popular conspiracy theory suggests that the player is stuck in a time loop when they arrive at Stardew Valley, which fits the You Are Dead theory pretty well. These two theories would explain a multitude of factors normally present in Harvest moon-Inspired farming simulations such as the ones that take place every year (more or less) in exactly the same way and NPCs only have the same sets of repeated dialogs to offer the player.

This Valley of stars conspiracy theory could also explain why magic exists in this world, why the farmer doesn’t need to pay rent or property taxes, and why players can talk to Grandpa in the Hereafter at will. (by paying the full price of a diamond each time).

This purgatory or presumed afterlife would also be the reason why the player and the NPCs never get old. Age is not a factor Valley of stars, and that’s actually been questioned a number of times when it comes to dating singles and singles like Abigail or Sebastian, who appear to be teenagers or young adults. The only characters who get older seem to be the children the players can have. However, they only grow up to the toddler stage and cannot become fully adults, but this fact still confirms the You Are Dead. Valley of stars theory.

However, as some fans have pointed out, the theories that “they were dead all the time” fit fundamentally well in most worlds and stories, meaning it’s not very likely but it is. just works for Valley of starstradition and setting. Twists like this often belittle the story as a whole, and audiences tend to react badly to them. For example, the idea that DeltaruneThe Dark World is just fantasy, according to popular YouTube channel The Game Theorists. But that won’t stop fans from speculating on blockbuster movies, TV shows, and games.

Valley of stars is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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