Stardew Valley features we hope to see in Haunted Chocolatier

With the continued success of 2016 Stardew Valley, fans were curious where the developer would go next. ConcernedApe has changed the number of solo-developed projects, and with the announcement of haunted chocolatier in October 2021, there is still hope that more innovations are on the way. However, Stardew Valley has so many components that have the potential to make the jump to the developer’s next title, and ditching them in favor of something entirely new would be a shame.


Stardew Valley is a game that, despite a pixelated aesthetic and a simplistic but effective story, has tons of content that can provide dozens of hours of fun. It is clear from the promotional material that haunted chocolatier is inspired by the first with its graphics, but as Stardew Valley is much more than it initially seems, it is clear that there are many more mechanics and quirks that it can offer to the next project. Coming out of the shadows of ConcernedApe’s first game will be tough, so digging into some of its best features could be the key to success when haunted chocolatier finally arrives in digital storefronts.

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The misfit residents of Stardew Valley

There are plenty of games in the role-playing adventure genre that have bland NPCs that don’t offer a lot of interesting conversations, but Stardew Valley is completely different. From the surprisingly emotional depth of Shane to the humble and deliciously twee Penny, the setting of Stardew Valley is one that’s littered with outstanding supporting characters who all do well to make Pelican Town feel alive. haunted chocolatier The player assumes the role of a chocolate factory owner, and while this offers a different perspective to an honest farmer, it’s essential that the available NPCs feel like fully realized personalities rather than just potential customers.

Not only Stardew Valley having a cast of fantastic human characters, but it’s also not afraid to lean into the supernatural with plenty of creative races, giving the land a whole lot more flavor. haunted chocolatier will surely expand on that, as the trailers have shown that it could push the weirdness further. It would be a great way to further distance itself from its farming counterpart while still utilizing one of the very characteristics that make it so great.

Home (or Chocolate Factory) Upgrades

The main board of Stardew Valley to new fans was undoubtedly its farming elements. Tending to the farm is central to his gameplay loop for the vast majority of players, and while it has been confirmed that haunted chocolatier will be more combat heavy than its predecessor, it should definitely bring back the ability to customize and improve the player base.

It gives any game a clear sense of progression. Being able to see the changes that have been made since the start of the game does wonders for making players feel like they’ve accomplished something. While the focus might be on other elements of the game, this is a feature that would be a welcome addition and will make even the longest gaming sessions feel like a productive afternoon.

The romantic angle of Stardew Valley

Like many RPGs, Stardew Valley has romance mechanics that allow players to find love in Pelican Town. Twelve available bachelors and bachelors give the game a wide variety of choices, and the events that occur as friendships grow are some of the best and most touching moments in the game. There are other more ambitious franchises and big budget like Mass Effect and fire emblem that don’t handle romance anywhere near as well as Stardew Valley done, and with haunted chocolatier Likely featuring a more eclectic cast of characters, romance could be a great way to get players to interact with them.

Growing crops, scavenging for items, and living off the fat of the earth are what many players expect from Stardew Valleybut the reason why it stands out from the likes of harvest moon was his lovely town. Stardew Valley presents many of its characters in a morally gray way, which really makes it feel more authentic and alive. It effortlessly mimics the way people are in real life, making the romance options seem to carry much more weight. It’s easily one of the best features in the game, so replicating it would be a no-brainer.

haunted chocolatier is a game that’s still in the making, so even those close to its development aren’t sure what it will become. It differs from Stardew Valley in many ways, but if haunted chocolatier retains much of what made it popular, it would have a great chance of success when released in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

haunted chocolatier is currently in development.

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