Square Enix marks ‘symbiogenesis’ in Japan for potential ‘Parasite Eve’ revival?

Square Enix could take inspiration from Konami when it comes to reviving the parasitic eve series. According to Gematsu, Square Enix has filed a “symbiogenesis” trademark in Japan, with the filing made on October 13 and made public today.

“Symbiogenesis”, also known as “endosymbiotic theory”, is the theory of evolution that two separate organisms combine to form a single new organism. This also happens to be the basis for the story of the 1995 Japanese novel “Parasite Eve” by Hideaki Sena. Square Enix has developed parasitic eve as a sequel to the book and published it in 1998.

Nothing has been confirmed yet regarding Square Enix actually pursuing a revival of the parasitic eve series, be it a remake or a new entry. In fact, the last we heard of the series was when Square Enix trademarked the name in Europe in 2018. That, and the hint that the first game in the series might have been included on the PlayStation Sony’s Classic Mini before launch. .

In parasitic eve, New York police officer Aya Brea attends an opera at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve. During the tune of the diva, Melissa Pearce, people start to get fired up spontaneously. Aya and Melissa are the only ones left, with Melissa transforming into a creature and escaping into the sewers. It is revealed that Melissa (now calling herself “Eve”) is the living embodiment of mitochondria and can control other people’s mitochondria. Aya must now find a way to stop Eve from destroying New York, but also the world.

The last game in the series was in 2011 The 3rd anniversarywhich was released for the Sony PSP.