Speedrunner SGDQ rigged the Metal Gear: Revengeance world record

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC World Record Speedrun Showcased at SGDQ 2022 Revealed as Fake, Russian Player Mekarazium admits they used pre-recorded video of the game rather than completing it live.

In a message sent to Games Done Quick application team, Mekarazium explains how their series of Blade Wolf, which claimed a new “record” time of six minutes and 55 seconds, was actually a pre-recorded, segmented series, in which sections of the game are completed individually and then glued together using editing to give the impression of a single, continuous reading. Some games featured on the official Speedrun rankings have a separate classification for segmented races – since the skill and luck required to achieve each achievement or gain time across an entire game is usually very high, compared to the best levels individually, speedrunners will use segmented races to demonstrate what is theoretically possible in a Game.

But Mekarazium’s run was presented as a full real-time replay, offered to viewers as a reward for hitting one of SGDQ’s donation thresholds. Rather than taking place live, at the SGDQ site in Minneapolis, the Mekarazium race was streamed live from their own computer. Mekarazium admits that this allowed them to substitute full real-time execution for predefined, segmented execution.

“The Blade Wolf DLC race incentive that people have paid for is a pre-recorded segmented race,” Mekarazium writes to law enforcement team GDQ. “I did not mention it anywhere, neither during the submission process nor in the email I sent to the [GDQ] Committee. It was supposed to be a real-time race, but I changed my mind at the last second after changing the saves.

Users of the Reddit speedrun sub have noticed various discrepancies in Mekarazium’s Blade Wolf series. Compared to its base game series of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the DLC series contains almost no keyboard sounds. There is also a moment captured by Redditor SevenStack, where Mekarazium appears to pull his right hand away from the mouse as the game’s camera continues to move. Mekarazium tries to explain this by saying that they moved the mouse with their left hand.

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At the end of the race, the GDQ announcer tells Mekarazium their time, confirming that they have set a new world record. Mekarazium responds by saying “can’t we, for example, use the world record thing?” It is very misleading. He assumes what happened here is the fastest time, when in fact someone else might have a faster, world-record version.”

The previous, official record for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s Blade Wolf DLCof seven minutes, 20 seconds, is currently owned by Mekarazium themselves.

“People might consider [this] BW DLC is running a legit race for leaderboards, which may cause issues later on,” Mekarazium’s post to the GDQ team continues. “I had not planned to submit this race to the rankings, and it was a way to show the maximum potential of said category, something that people should be looking for.

“I did a real bad thing, and I shouldn’t have done that at the event…I acted selfishly and didn’t spend more time thinking about others. I’m sorry for doing what I did. Really.”

The Mekarazium race has since been removed from the Games Done Quick YouTube channel.

The 2022 SGDQ ended on July 3 with a series of Elden Ring, successfully raising over US$3 million for the charity Doctors Without Borders. We’ve reached out to GDQ to comment on Mekarazium’s run and will update this story if they respond.