Some Diablo Immortal Players Are Facing Huge In-Game Debt

Serious Diablo Immortal players, also known as “whales,” are facing in-game debts of tens of thousands of dollars following Blizzard’s crackdown on Eternal Orbs purchased from third-party vendors.

Eternal Orbs are a form of currency used to purchase materials such as Legendary Crests, Cosmetic Sets, Reforging Stones, and Platinum. They can be earned by playing the game, but Blizzard also sells them starting at $0.99. The most expensive package costs $99.99 for 7,200 Eternal Orbs.

As PCGamesN reports(Opens in a new window), when those same packs appeared on third-party sites at much lower prices (as low as $20 for 7,200 orbs), players naturally opted to save a lot of money and use the third-party instead of the Blizzard’s own store. However, Blizzard now revokes all orbs not purchased through official means, and it leaves players with a negative number of Eternal Orbs in-game.

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As some players have spent thousands of dollars on Eternal Orbs, now they would have to spend even more just to get their Eternal Orbs to count to zero. One player, who goes by the name of Shia, currently has an Eternal Orbs balance of -2,491,025, which would cost around $35,000 to clear. It is also believed that if the debt is not cleared in a timely manner, Blizzard will eventually deactivate the accounts, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

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