Save money on video games, movies and more with 10% off this Xbox gift card

Some offers really sell on their own and don’t need a lot of explanation from me. Buy this $ 100 Xbox Gift Card at Newegg. Use the code 93XRU99 during payment. Get the card for only $ 90. It’s pretty straightforward, and if you’re already buying games and movies and the like through your Xbox, it’s just free money for you with a few extra steps. No catch. Just save. You can even give it as a gift to a friend or family member, someone you know plays a lot on Xbox. They don’t need to know that you have it at a discount.

The card is delivered by e-mail as a digital code. It is sent to you after purchase. You then apply the card to your Microsoft account, as long as it’s based in the United States. After that, do whatever you want with the money. Buy a new game or rent a movie or two or just use it to pay for subscriptions that are running for a while (like Game Pass or a streaming service).

Video games are more and more expensive. They’ve jumped $ 10 in the new generation, so saving $ 10 now is like saving on that extra cost. There might be an old game that you haven’t acquired yet. Well, now you can get it at a reduced price and save even more because this card has also been reduced. You know you’re going to want a new game at some point in the future, so you might as well prepare for it now and save.

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Xbox Game Pass is an amazing service that continues to grow. If you want to play Psychonauts or Humankind, which I hear funny things about, you can use your new card to save on that membership. After all, the full Ultimate Game Pass costs $ 15 per month, which can add up over time.

There are also plenty of vacation video games around the corner to think about. Are you going to have Halo Infinite or Battlefield 2042 or any of the other new games coming out this winter? Be prepared with the money you’ve already saved!

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