Retrotech Survival Horror in October

Publisher Humble Games and developer rose-engine have announced an October 27, 2022 release date for the “retro-tech” survival horror game Signalis on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass and PC. Previously, the game was only confirmed for PC and Xbox, so additional console announcements are welcome.

“Retrotech” is a strange but perfect word to describe Signalis on more than one level. The game has a fresh art style that’s mostly 2D pixel art but with a few flashes of retro 3D, but it feels quite beholden to classic pre-rendered 3D. resident Evil. Meanwhile, the game world itself is set in a dark future where “mankind has uncovered a dark secret” involving a cosmic mystery. The protagonist is a “Replika Technician” named Elster who searches for her “lost dreams”, which somehow involves exploring a dilapidated spaceship and battling nightmarish creatures.

If you’re having trouble understanding what it all means and how it fits together, the Signalis The release date trailer certainly won’t enlighten you. It’s just even more enigmatic, in a good way.

Sci-fi horror games of all kinds are suddenly appearing in droves, from Signalis at Fort Solis at Routine at The Callisto Protocol at dead space. If this is your niche, congratulations on having so many new choices.