Resident Evil Village demake turns Dimitrescu Castle into Castlevania

For many gamers, Resident Evil Village’s few hours of operation are the highlight of the whole experience. Dodging Lady Dimitrescu as you wander around her labyrinthine castle and fend off the mutated prisoners lurking in the dungeon is one of the best Resident Evils of the past decade. Go figure, a giant castle run by vampires reminded someone of the first level in another Japanese game, Castlevania. A developer named OcO has created a 2D “demake” that turns Castle Dimitrescu into a homage to Dracula’s original house, as rendered in the original 1986 action platformer.

On “Residentvania’s” page, OcO notes that development took two months and their work on all of the custom pixel art elements is really visible. As a 2D version of Village’s favorite wife, Ethan Winters, you’ll travel through the ramshackle town, past the Duke and his merchant cart, and into a drafty castle of Dimitrescu filled with mutated minions and wolves. -garous. The only thing I can really complain about is that all the audio is from a free sound library rather than something chiptune like the NES Castlevania that comes with it.

(Image credit: OcO /

Ethan is much more capable this time around, however. Like Simon Belmont, he can strike enemies with his knife or simply shoot them from a distance. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, hovering between base platform and combat, but I appreciate how it recreates the atmosphere of Resident Evil and Castlevania. The second main scene takes place in the dungeon of Dimitrescu Castle, with mutated minions emerging from the shadows and cells unlocked, much like the original sequence.

The final major sequence pits you against one of Lady D’s vampiric daughters. I love the way the player in the video has to open the nearby window to bathe the vampire in light, allowing her to physically damage her right up. to explode to pieces. Unfortunately for Ethan, a sufficiently tall and luxurious Lady Dimitrescu emerges and quickly chops off his head before taking a whiff of his cigarillo.

The whole thing takes about five minutes, but if you like to see modern video games reinventing themselves in retro styles, check it out. You can also consult OcO’s profile to see other 2D pixel art games they’ve created.