Pokemon fan redesign Genesect

If there was ever an IP conducive to fan design of any type, then this is the Pokemon franchise. With a real wealth of iconic creature designs and a very distinctive visual style that isn’t too hard to stick to, so-called Fakemons are one of the community’s favorite pastimes, especially when adding something to an already beloved creature.

Something similar is happening now with the old mechanical insect Pokemon, the so-called Genesect. Namely, Genesect has now received a neat fan-made redesign that spruces up the creature’s styling with some modernized tweaks, making it noticeably sleeker and noticeably more intimidating compared to the original.


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According to artist Tnisersaas06, who has also worked on a custom Ghost-type Pokémon Heracross, the neon-lined Genesect came to them in a dream, and they simply had to bring it to life with proper artwork. It’s especially worth noting that Tnisersaas06 follows the official design language remarkably well, and their take on Heracross and Genesect would hardly seem out of place in a baseline. Pokemon title produced by GameFreak. The artist also previously worked on a special variant of Scyther, which was requested by the community and suggests that Pokemon fans will soon see more of Tnisersaas06 on the franchise’s subReddit.

While Tnisersaas06 chooses to draw his sketches in a way reminiscent of early GameFreak out-of-game sketches, others Pokemon community artists prefer to work with pixel-art instead. PokemonRegionalFR has designed an evolutionary Rock/Fire Bulbasaur line, which is actually the polar opposite of the actual official version of Bulbasaur. While fan art is certainly quite common on the internet, no matter the franchise, it’s clear that Pokemon specifically hosts a wide range of talented artists eager to come up with “what if” scenarios for their own creature designs.

One particularly interesting ongoing fan project is Alex Fantastico’s Pokemon Ancestry Project. Fantastico has already developed a huge line of custom Pokemon ancestors that fit the bill remarkably well, and they intend to continue doing so for as long as possible. Few other IP addresses offer as much leeway as Pokemon done in this regard, and while GameFreak is highly unlikely to rate these works of art, the community finds them endlessly entertaining.

It’s worth pointing out, of course, that GameFreak isn’t child’s play when it comes to creature design either. In fact, with Pokemon scarlet and violetWith Pokemon Paradox making its debut, it could be argued that the company is looking for ways to make its flagship franchise even more relevant and contemporary. Either way, it’s safe to assume that fan artists like Tnisersaas06 will also have their own take on Pokemon Paradox in due course.

Pokemon scarlet and purple released on November 18, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Tnisersaas06