Playing violent video games does not seem to have a significant effect on aggression.

We’ve all heard that people attribute mass shootings to violent video games, but is it legit? a review show Collaboration: Psychology He denies the allegations and finds that playing sniper video games does not lead to increased aggression.

With increasing mass violence comes the need to understand what can trigger these habits. Whether or not violent video games are a contributing problem has been a closely debated and extremely contentious debate on the subject for many years. While previous analyzes seem to indicate that violent video games trigger aggression, this research has been criticized for poor quality information and assessments.

“A significant lack of evidence so far is the low quality of the information: most research examines the consequences of using violent video games without actually measuring these games,” wrote study authors Niklas Johannes and these partner’work. “If we don’t measure the habits in question, we won’t advise policy makers on its implications”

These points can give rise to erroneous meta-analyses. This review aims to offer a methodologically sound view of the link between aggression and the use of violent video games.

Johannes and his colleagues used 1,092 players. Apex Legends and 1,488 players The knights to operate their instance. All individuals will need to have been active players of the game within the previous two weeks, speak English and reside in the US, UK or Canada. Individuals were invited to participate in 3 waves of the exam, approximately 2 weeks apart. The researchers measured the amount of time spent enjoying the sport and the aggressive influence.

The results confirmed that violent online play had no significant effect on aggression for both shooters. Additionally, aggressive movements did not have a significant impact on violent video game use, meaning that in weeks when gamers felt more offended by other elements, they weren’t. not much income from the use of video games.

This study found that each participant would want to play 25-50 extra hours a day to see a half-point improvement on the aggressive influence scale, which is unlikely. These findings are consistent with new meta-analyses and research that have not shown a major link between violent online gaming and aggression.

This study took steps to better answer the highly controversial question of whether or not video games trigger aggression and violence. Nevertheless, it has some limitations. One of these limitations is that players have chosen to play themselves, which allows many who decide to stop looking for the game to be more fun than other players. Additionally, only two video games were used and each is a shooter; Future analysis could focus on video games that feature different types of violence.

“Research on violent video games has long been a low-credibility space that has suffered from low-quality information as well as poor research methods,” the researchers write. “Like few different fields, it could likely benefit from open collaborations with business partners within an open information framework. We showcase how such open information allows the industry to take a cumulative look at analytical issues Participating in two online shooters did not trigger significant changes in aggression We are confident that future research can use the same information to answer additional questions about sports psychology.