Pixel RPG Undungeon Now Available

Pixel RPG Undungeon Now Available

dungeon is a pixelated action RPG game where your objective is to restore the multiple dimensions of the Earth after the Great Change, a disastrous event where the multidimensional versions of the Earth unexpectedly came together and erased each other. The game was released on November 18, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X | S systems. dungeon was developed by Laughing Machines and published by tinyBuild.

You play as a Herald, a god-created hero and a member of the secret space organization called Herald’s Undercover Bay, also known as HUB.As a member of HUB, your mission is to rebuild the dimensions of the Earth, to repair tear in the fabric of space and time, and find out who or what caused the Great Change. You will have to explore the huge open world to activate seven interdimensional pillars in order to reach your goal. Throughout your journey, you will meet the Guardians of the Dimensions who oversee each jetty, where you will have to fight them to gain their consent to activate the jetties. You will also encounter enemies who will do anything to prevent you from reaching your goal. To aid you in your battles, you can use unique characters who will join your alliance on the battlefield and trade items with you.

There are a lot of fun things to do in dungeon, even when you are not fighting enemies. You can customize your Herald with a unique build that supports your playstyle, where you can choose various organs to include in your Herald’s body to enhance your combat and increase your passive skills. Using the in-game crafting system, you can craft organs, weapons, equipment, and various items. You can also relax and recover at the HUB base located between the dimensions when you want to take a break from the fighting. Additionally, if you want to learn more about the lore of the story, the game includes a glossary that will fill in as the game progresses, according to a devlog on The dungeon official site.

You can buy dungeon for the original price of $ 19.99 on Steam, the Microsoft Store, Epic Games, and GOG. The game is currently on sale for $ 17.99 on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.


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