Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Sandstorm Requiem Update Is Just What The Game Needed

After months of waiting, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis finally gets its first significant update. This long-awaited update has added a huge range of content, quality of life improvements for all classes in the game and, of course, the all new region of Retem. I had the opportunity to explore the area with the SEGA community team, so now let’s answer the following question: Was Retem worth the wait?

First of all, what is Retem, even? The Retem region is a desert east of the central town of Aelio, where the main gaming center is located. As you would expect from a desert, endless dry, rocky landscapes and a beautiful meteor shower occur whenever the in-game clock goes dark. According to the community team, the developers have hidden many Easter eggs in the Retem region, encouraging players to find as many as possible. These Easter Eggs take the form of cute references from old Phantasy Star games, which is a good idea to watch out for when exploring the area because, in terms of size, he’s about as big as Aelio. , otherwise of equal size.

A beautiful meteor shower can be seen at night.

As usual for a new region update, we also unlocked the second chapter of the main story after hitting LV 20 with any class and achieving the required amount of combat power. Arriving in the area, we meet the town chief Nadereh, who comments that the town is constantly under attack by a massive enemy known as Renus Retem and has been in conflict with it for hundreds of years, without any means. clear to defeat it. preview. And of course, being the good guys that we are, we decide to help. I mean, we defeated a giant dragon-like monster.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

New Urgent Quests have been added, but their requirements are still very high. You need around 1650 Battle Power, and considering the maximum, the story quests you will be asked for are 1460. It takes a bit of tedious work to hit the required threshold. There are also many new Cocoon and Trainia challenges that represent a level peak.

But the devs have improved the grind somewhat, as the side quests you’ll get inside Retem give huge amounts of EXP, a substantial upgrade over the deplorable amounts of EXP you got on Aelio. Some side quests even give you pre-boosted weapons that can quickly boost your combat power, and none of them have absurd requirements. As a result, I managed to do most of them fairly quickly, with no need to call for help from my Alliance or contact my close friends for help.

Screenshot 1 of the new Genesis Retem from PSO2

The Retem region was a welcome addition to the game. According to the community team, the developers have listened carefully to player feedback and implemented several features to improve the experience. And it shows. I had no major complaints while exploring Retem and had a great time exploring the area and its new challenges both on my own and with the community team. Of course, some bugs are present, like the sudden disappearance of the boss in Urgent Quests, but as the team has said on several occasions, the developers are always listening to feedback, which is reassuring. I can’t wait to see what New Genesis has in store for the next major update.