Paranoid Android Sapphire teases support for its hottest phone yet

Prepare your Pixel 6 Pro for custom ROM love

Whether you’re trying to breathe some life into an old smartphone or just fancy a change of pace, custom ROMs can be a fantastic way to change up the software your phone runs. While the practice may not be as widespread as it once was, there are still some amazing options to choose from, and easily one of the most popular is Paranoid Android. We’ve been tracking additions to the support list for the Android 12-based Sapphire release for some time now, and today we learn of a major new one on the way soon: a small phone you may have heard of. called the Pixel 6 Pro.

Currently, the list of phones supported by Paranoid Android Sapphire is limited to a few manufacturers. OnePlus is by far the biggest audience (at least for western audiences), but we’re also seeing support for Poco, Redmi and Xiaomi handsets. This limited selection plays a big part in what excites us so much this Pixel 6 Pro teaser.


While there’s no such thing as a formal ETA, the official Paranoid Android Twitter account is reporting a successful start, which is certainly a milestone on the road to a public release. Of course, there could still be A LOT that doesn’t work well (if at all), so we’re trying to temper our enthusiasm appropriately.

We’re extremely curious what this might mean for paranoid Android support on other Pixel phones – especially the smaller Pixel 6 – but this all-too-brief teaser stops at anything that might actually spark our hopes there. For now, that will have to be wishful thinking.