Otome Game ‘Norn9: Var Commons’ Switch Version Will Receive Updated English Translation By Anne Lee

During an Aksys Games livestream, the publisher announced important information for other fans. Norn9: municipalities of the Var will receive an updated translation in its new version. This new project is led by Anne Lee, who translated the mobile game Fantastic Buddies: Legends of the Middle of the Earth and was the editor of Tokyo After School Summonersamong a variety of other titles.

This news is particularly relevant because Vita’s original version of Norn9: municipalities of the Var was infamous for its inaccurate translations and questionable quality for some of its picks. As such, the updated Switch edition will likely deliver much higher quality than the previous one, eschewing the Vita version’s meme-worthy dialogue. A popular example was how a protagonist mentioned she was afraid of snow when the dialogue actually meant something else.

Norn9: municipalities of the Var tells a futuristic story around several protagonists and their boyfriends. It all starts when a child prodigy seems to go back in time and find a group of young men and women. Together they will have the chance to investigate the mysteries of a spherical vessel called the Norn that seems to linger in the sky above cities of the past.

The game features music by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, character designs by Teita (Charade Maniacs, Soukai Tenki), and a 60-hour story co-written by Ushio Ayane (Even if Tempest, Juuzaengi) and Meguri Hinako ( Diabolik Lovers and some chapters of Corpse Party games). In total, there are 24 possible endings.

Norn9: municipalities of the Var will be available for Switch in English in 2023, although a specific release date has yet to be announced. Aksys Games also confirmed their fandisc, Norn9: The Last Era will receive an English translation in 2023, marking the first time it has come to the west. We’ll keep you posted as Aksys reveals more details about both games and their huge slate of upcoming otome titles.