Not fun: father slaps mother while child plays video games

An Atlanta man is facing misdemeanor domestic violence charges following an incident at the Fun Bowl on the north side of Fayetteville.

Fayetteville Police Department spokeswoman Ann Marie Burdett said police around 8:29 p.m. Feb. 26 were dispatched to the Fun Bowl on North 85 Parkway to take a report of a suspected battery that occurred a few months prior. .

Burdett said police met with the complainant, who claimed she had a verbal altercation that turned physical with Jertavious T. Baker, 28, the father of their child, while they were at Tycoon video games .

The alleged victim told police that the child’s father threatened to slap her if she didn’t shut up, Burdett reported, adding that the woman said she told the child’s father to ” do it”, which resulted in him punching her on the left side. from his face and knocking his glasses off his face.

A parent of the child’s father reportedly intervened and separated the two. The child’s parent and father left the scene after the altercation, police said.

The woman suffered redness on the left side of her face and a bloody lip, but refused medical attention and left the scene in her vehicle, Burdett reported.

In another case, Fayetteville police were dispatched Feb. 26 to Piedmont Fayette Hospital in reference to an assault.

Burdett said police met with the complainant, who said he was previously attacked at the Twisted Taco restaurant in downtown Fayetteville.

The plaintiff said they decided to buy drinks for a few people, including the male subject, Burdett said, referring to the police report.

“Complainant said the subject was at the exit door when they attempted to leave, and a verbal argument ensued. Complainant said the male followed them to their car and would have punched them in the face, knocking them out,” Burdett said.

“The complainant said the manager told them what had happened when they woke up and the manager offered to drive the complainant home. The plaintiff waited a few minutes and then drove home,” Burdett added.

The plaintiff attended the hospital the next day to seek medical treatment for reported injuries sustained during the previous encounter with the subject, Burdett noted.

The complainant admitted that he did not call the police when the incident occurred.

The officer provided the complainant with information on how to obtain a criminal warrant through the Fayette County Magistrate’s Court.