Nintendo Switch has a new Pokemon Clone game to play

For fans of the monster-catching RPG genre, there’s a new game in town from indie developer TRAGsoft. coromone—very similar to the beginning Pokemon games—is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

After dropping a coromone trailer and demo in January 2020, the game finally released on Steam in late March earlier this year. Avoid the aesthetic of the modern Pokemon Games, coromone is more of a throwback to the Game Boy Pokemon games, with retro pixel graphics and the old style of menus and UI.


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While the developers had planned for the Nintendo Switch release to happen simultaneously, it ended up delaying the release. The reason given was that he had encountered issues with online features and cross-platform multiplayer and wanted to make sure he released a great game. It seems that even though the issues took a while to resolve, TRAGsoft has finally was satisfied with the results and felt that coromone was ready for the Switch.

Surely there is already a market for a game like coromone. The Pokemon The franchise is hugely popular, bringing together millions of gamers and fans of mainstream video games, spinoffs like Pokemon GO, TV shows, and even physical merchandise. Games have progressed from their first art style and, in some cases, from the beginning of gameplay as well. coromone may attract old school fans Pokemon the aesthetics of the games and keep them by doing certain aspects of the gameplay differently from Pokemon. For example, players can adjust the difficulty level to give themselves more of a challenge, which is something that Pokemon players have wanted it for a long time.

coromone is perfectly adapted to a portable console like the Nintendo Switch. It plays in a very similar way to Pokemon, with virtually the same systems for finding and capturing wild monsters. What could really elevate coromone at a new level of popularity, however, is the fact that it’s not only available on PC, but also has cross-platform and multiplayer save compatibility. Pokemon is only available on Nintendo consoles, so players who don’t own a Switch are out of luck. The greater accessibility combined with the ability to pick up where the last save left off on either platform is a huge plus. Without forgetting that coromone has newer features Pokemon games may not include.

Of course, many gamers might just stick to Pokemon out of a sense of loyalty or a preference for newer gameplay and graphics. Although there have been some controversies surrounding newer entries in the series, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield omitting the National Pokedex, the games still boast a sizable fanbase and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. And at the end of the day, people can still play both and enjoy them for what they are: super fun monster-catching RPGs.

coromone is now available for iOS, Android, PC and Switch.

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