Netflix Reveals New Video Game Acquisition

It’s been nearly a year since Netflix started including video games in its subscription service, and the company has bought up a handful of studios since. The company has now announced the purchase of Spry Fox, which will be its sixth in-house video game studio. Primarily known for its work on mobile games, Spry Fox was founded in 2010 and has developed games such as Triple City, Alpha Bearand cozy grove. In a press release, Spry Fox co-founder Daniel Cook spoke about the acquisition, praising the opportunity to work with Netflix.

“When David and I founded Spry Fox twelve years ago, our goal was to create a place where kind, creative people could create beautiful, original games in a supportive environment that would bring happiness to the people who played them,” said said Cook. “After many heartfelt conversations, we are all thrilled to join Netflix as an in-house game studio and create amazing games together.”

While Netflix first added games last November, this part of the service has struggled to find interest. According to an August report, less than 1% of Netflix subscribers access these games daily. The acquisition of Spry Fox shows that Netflix is ​​still committed to making video games a big part of the subscription service’s appeal, but the company still has an uphill battle in terms of brand awareness. Netflix has become synonymous with streaming, but very few people associate the company with video games. Of course, if Netflix can start getting more users interested in games, it could lead to more expansion in that department!

In Netfix’s press release announcing the acquisition of Spry Fox, the company’s Vice President of Game Studios, Amir Rahimi, promised that “the company’s games adventure has only just begun.” It certainly makes it look like we could see a lot more acquisitions over the next few months, but for now fans will just have to wait and see what the company does next.

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