Netflix buys first game studio to boost new video game business

Netflix makes its first official game studio acquisition as it prepares for a new video game business.

The streaming giant Netflix is ​​launching massively into video games. Video games will be included for free in all Netflix subscriptions starting with cell phones and possibly other platforms, including televisions. “Every device is a candidate for some sort of gaming experience”, says Netflix CEO Greg Peters.

Netflix has just purchased its first independent game studio to help achieve this ambitious plan. The company acquired indie game developer Night School, a team responsible for small games like the supernatural platformer Oxenfree. Netflix plans to start small and eventually move to larger-scale experiences.

“Night School wants to expand our narrative and design aspirations through distinctive and original games with heart. Netflix offers film, television and now game makers an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. . Our explorations of narrative gameplay and Netflix’s history of supporting various storytellers was such a natural pairing. I felt the two teams came to this conclusion instinctively, “ the developer said in a announcement post.

“Of course, it’s a surreal honor to be the first game studio to join Netflix! Not only can we keep doing what we do, like we love to do, but we get a front row spot on the largest entertainment platform in the world. The Netflix team has been extremely careful to protect our studio culture and creative vision. We will continue to make OXENFREE II. We will continue to concoct new game worlds. “

Netflix has yet to announce any games, but the company outlined its business plan for video games in a recent earnings call. Here is a summary :

  • Netflix doesn’t have to think about microtransactions in its games
  • The game is a multi-year effort
  • Starting with mobile first, every Netflix device is a contender for gaming
  • Stand-alone games as well as games based on an established IP
  • The games will be licensed to third parties (think Stranger Things 3 video game)
  • Netflix will try out many games, devices, mechanics, etc.
  • More interactive experiences like Bandersnatch to come