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After recent claims that NASCAR wants to exit its agreement with Motorsport Games, the sport and the developer have clarified the current situation.

In recent days, rumors have swirled that NASCAR is working to revoke its license to video game developer Motorsport Games.

However, yesterday (April 15), the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing responded to Adam Ismail from Jalopnik with a brief statement.

“NASCAR and Motorsport Games enjoy a long-standing relationship and the status of our partnership remains in good standing,” read the comment, which was added to the original article within an hour of posting.

This stems from a Sports Gamers Online 15 report titled “NASCAR Looking To Leave Motorsport Games” which was later cited by Jalopnik.

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“Several sources have told SGO that NASCAR is actively looking for ways to exit its current agreement with Motorsport Games,” explained editor Mike Straw.

“Sources say NASCAR would like to license another publisher and developer within the next two years.”

In a related video, Straw would also say, “NASCAR is working on a case to try to justify pulling out of the deal…NASCAR has been trying to do this for quite a while.”

Sports Gamers Online was embroiled in a similar storyline towards the end of last year when it came to Madden 22 post-release franchise mode updates.

Motorsport Games’ recent financial performance has come under scrutiny after a recent earnings call revealed its 2021 net loss was $33.7 million.

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In that same earnings call, the date of the British Touring Car Championship match was questioned as it was marked as ‘tbd’ – but also confirmed that the licensing deal with BTCC remains in place. place until 2027.

“Motorsport Games is proud to be the official licensee for NASCAR video games. Our established relationship with NASCAR is and continues to be in good standing,” Motorsport Games said when we asked for comment.

The Miami-based developer has a deal with NASCAR to license titles through 2029 after Motorsport Network first invested in 704Games in 2018.

Since then, Motorsport Games has released NASCAR Heat 5, NASCAR 21: Ignition, and NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ for the Nintendo Switch, as well as updates for the existing NASCAR Heat Mobile.

NASCAR 21: Ignition launched in October 2021 and was heavily criticized for being released in an unfinished state and lacking expected features. It is believed that a new NASCAR game is in active development.

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