Level Ex puts skin in the game with new mobile app for dermatologists

Level Ex’s latest educational mobile app, the Top Derm game for dermatologists, puts real skin in a video game.

The gripping, peer-reviewed video game is designed to keep physicians up to date with the latest advancements in dermatology and offers continuing medical education credits. Over 140 dermatologists have collaborated on the app with designers, developers and artists from the gaming industry.

All images used in the game are photorealistic and were created using Level Ex’s proprietary infographic.

“We have these expert dermatologists literally standing over an artist’s shoulder as they polish and perfect these images.to the point that another dermatologist cannot tell the difference between the image and a real photograph, ”said Level Ex Founder and CEO Sam Glassenberg.

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Why go to so much trouble and not just use real reference photos?

“There is really a lack of imaging in some diseases, especially in certain areas of the body and in certain skin tones,” Glassenberg said.

To create the new dermatology game, Level Ex moved away from the gameplay techniques he used for other specialties. The psychology of dermatologists is different from that of gastroenterologists or cardiologists, who want as detailed information about the patient as possible, Glassenberg said. Rather, dermatologists want “skin on fire” for diagnosis.

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play and offers different levels of play and games for a wide range of common and rare skin disorders and diseases. The app makes recommendations based on the player’s interests and game play, updating automatically as the doctor uses it.

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Branded and unbranded content is designed to fit seamlessly into the game. For example, pharmaceutical sponsors can create sub-categories within a game or provide additional content around clinical study data.

Level Ex estimates that more than 750,000 healthcare professionals play its games, fueling its word-of-mouth media strategy. In-game images, GIFs, and video footage on social media also boost awareness and interest. Level Ex plans to exhibit Top Derm at the American Academy of Dermatology summer meeting in August.

Top Derm is Level Ex’s fifth medical mobile game, adding dermatology to its portfolio of anesthesiology (Airway Ex), gastroenterology (Gastro Ex), pulmonology (Pulm Ex) and cardiology (Cardio Ex) games. . Airway Ex, Pulm Ex, and Cardio Ex all included added COVID-19-related levels during the pandemic.