Japanese gamers vote for the most frustrating video game of all time

In a recent poll, Japanese gamers were asked about the most frustrating and upsetting video game they’ve ever played.

Frustrating games in Japan

There is a lot of debate about what really is the most difficult video game of all time. The difficulty and frustrations of a game all depend on how many games one has played, as well as their overall skill level. However, there are some games that many people consider to be the clear champion of difficulty, whether it’s a classic retro AAA experience or a modern one. A poll was conducted by Japanese gaming site Inside-Games, polling gamers about the most frustrating and destructive video game they’ve ever played – with both expected and unexpected results.

The top five games were featured in this article, and the survey data was based on 848 responses from Japanese gamers who were asked “What is the most frustrating video game?” The games in this poll were chosen based on difficult levels, mysterious and complicated puzzle elements, or even other factors like the game’s control scheme.

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At number 5 in this poll was From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is rather fitting considering the studio is famous for its brutally punitive difficulty. Just like his other franchise Dark souls, the game requires the player to learn the ins and outs of the game’s combat, with important details such as specific times to ward off an enemy’s attack. Many of these responses include getting stuck on Sekiromini-bosses, or even basic enemies.


In fourth place in the poll was Capcom Ghosts and Goblins, a classic, side-scrolling NES retro platformer where lots of enemies are the main point of frustration. Unsurprisingly, in third place was another From Software title, the first Dark souls Game. This infamous game caused a lot of trouble for Japanese fans, with Dark souls‘boss fights being the main reason cited,

Surprisingly, the game that won the poll’s silver medal was the original resident Evil game on PlayStation 1. According to the responses of Japanese gamers, the main point of frustration was a combination of factors, from the oppressive atmosphere of the game to the many frightening jumps of the dogs or crows in the game. The badly aged tank controls in the game also contributed to this placement.

However, the only game that took the top spot in the poll was an indie hit. Subtitle. Despite its premise, players can also participate in SubtitleThe route of genocide where the player mercilessly kills all the creatures he meets. These fans found that not only a grind, but also the final boss of this road was the height of frustration, with some citing several hundred failed attempts. Considering the boss himself is supposed to punish the player for even going down this route, that’s pretty apt.

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Source: Inside-Games (Going through SoraNews24)

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