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In this article, Samsung Newsroom discusses how to enjoy home gaming with the Samsung Gaming Hub. The Samsung Gaming Hub provides fun gaming experiences for all types of gamers, from budding gamers who need to buy new equipment to play games when they’re just starting out, to avid gamers who want to play all kinds of games, including console games and downloadable games.

According to a report by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in 2021, there are approximately 214 million gamers in the United States alone, with 75% of households having at least one person who plays games. As a result, during the pandemic, gaming has become a fun group activity, especially for those looking to connect with others.

As home gaming continues to become an increasingly popular form of home entertainment, Samsung Electronics is bringing new gaming experiences to consumers. Samsung Newsroom showcases how users can enjoy a more realistic and immersive home gaming experience with Samsung Smart TVs.

Take the first step to unfettered home gaming with Samsung Gaming Hub

The biggest hurdle for many who want to start gaming from home is the cost and inconvenience of purchasing and setting up gaming equipment. Many consoles offer console-exclusive game titles that are only available on one platform. In order to play different games, users need to buy several different consoles.

PC games also come with a set of obstacles. Gamers should have all the necessary computer accessories and parts, such as CPU, graphics card, and monitor, in order to have a smooth gaming experience. Additionally, gamers who purchase downloadable games must ensure that they have enough storage space for new games to be installed, which forces them to delete older games to free up space on their pc.

Now gamers can enjoy a full home gaming experience with Samsung Gaming Hub without having to worry about hardware requirements.

No gaming PC, console, or additional gaming gear needed; all you need is a controller to enjoy games on a Samsung Smart TV. Moreover, users also do not have to worry about storage space for their games. Much like watching a TV series or movie on a streaming platform, all you need to do to start playing is simply select a game title.

On Samsung Gaming Hub, users can access games from various industry-leading partners, including NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik. Additionally, Gaming Hub supports Xbox Game Pass, making it the first Smart TV platform in the world to include the Xbox app. Thanks to this partnership, Samsung Gaming Hub users can now stream hundreds of high-quality games, including hit titles. Plus, they can play new games day one from Xbox Games Studios and enjoy iconic franchise games from Bethesda Softworks and more, all without having to buy a console.

Users can also continue playing a game on their tablet or smartphone after they start playing it on a Smart TV. By connecting using a cloud service, all recorded files from a TV, tablet or smartphone are linked together. This allows users to play cross games from anywhere in their home, regardless of the device they are using.1

From an online journey to learning to code: a personalized home gaming experience

While winning games is fun, playing a game itself can also be enjoyable. In addition to its collection of popular games, Samsung Gaming Hub offers educational games that are both entertaining and visually captivating.

For those who want to take a spontaneous trip somewhere, take a trip anywhere in the world with Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator is a pilot simulation game that has been enjoyed by many since its launch in 1982. The game presents users with realistic visuals and detailed background scenery, such as sunsets and city lights. town. The game also provides users with an extremely realistic flight experience similar to piloting an airplane.

For families who love playing games with their kids, keep the fun going with Minecraft. Minecraft is a game in which players freely create their own spaces through mining, farming, and hunting in a world made up of square blocks. Minecraft: Education Edition is used in classrooms around the world to teach a wide range of subjects, including the basics of programming, such as coding and design. With an in-game tutorial, plenty of walkthroughs, and online guides available, those unfamiliar with games can easily learn how to play Minecraft. For more family fun, the action-adventure game Minecraft Dungeons lets players brave dungeons alone or join up to three other players to fight monsters together and gather treasure on an epic quest.

Your own playground completed with Samsung Neo QLED

The screen is one of the most important pieces of equipment for home gaming. The display not only affects how immersive a game is, but also the outcome of the game.

The Samsung Neo QLED presents the world inside a game with the best picture quality. With 100% color volume and enhanced, detailed black levels, users can appreciate the stunning high-resolution graphics and find out where enemies are hiding in the dark.

The Neo QLED is equipped with various features that make gaming even more exciting. Specifically, it comes with Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology, which delivers crisp gaming motion in 4K resolution at 144Hz, and FreeSync Premium Pro, which minimizes input latency, lag, and screen stutter. . With these features, gamers can play CPU-intensive games smoothly and enjoy vivid and realistic graphics. From first-person shooters (FPS) that require fast response times to racing games with fast switching between different screens, the Neo QLED offers gamers an enhanced and immersive gaming experience across all genres.

The Neo QLED also provides improved display aspect ratios of 21:9 and 32:9, allowing gamers to game on a larger screen rather than just gaming monitors. The Neo QLED is the first of its kind in the industry to offer Ultrawide GameView. Ultrawide GameView captures game angles that weren’t available with a 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing users to play games without any on-screen blind spots. The Neo QLED also supports Multi View, a feature that allows users to play two different videos simultaneously. With Multi View, users can play a game while referring to a walkthrough at the same time.

Enjoy an enhanced sound experience with the Neo QLED. The Neo QLED comes with Moving Sound Pro+ (OTS Pro+), a technology that matches the direction and movement of an object in a video to sound. By creating multi-dimensional sound, users feel like they are inside the game itself.

Home entertainment is loved by many as it is the most convenient way to enjoy fun activities from the comfort of one’s home. The next era of home gaming has begun, an era where anyone can play video games as easily as they can watch TV from home. A Samsung Smart TV is all you need to enjoy games comfortably. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of home gaming with Samsung Smart TVs.

1 Requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Different for each game.