How to get started in video games

The gaming industry has become so big that a lot of people are now making money from it. You can’t imagine that the highest paid player Johan Sundstein made $ 6.9 million just playing. What’s more, even the most modest, according to Statista, made at least $ 1 million to $ 3 million from the games.

But aside from money, video games make us better in many ways as well. It improves the brain, sharpens our concentration and even relieves our stress. So, there are many benefits to be expected from playing video games. But, if you’re ready to explore all of these benefits but don’t know where to start, let us help you below.

Getting started might seem difficult, but it is not. First visit and enjoy quality enhancements for a better gaming experience. Then follow the information below to start your gaming adventure.

Everything you need to start playing video games

1. Prepare your gaming machine

It can be a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. You don’t have to spend a lot at the start, unless you want to. If you are using the phone, make sure it is up to par with the operating system. So use the new models which support games. But then, if you want to take it a bit, invest in a gaming PC. With a PC, you will enjoy a plethora of video games. Also, you will need more hardware such as mouse, gaming keyboard, monitor, and headphones. Of course, you can still use the console if you want to spend less. But keep in mind that there are a lot of hot games available on PC. Additionally, you will need to play the game using a smart TV as a monitor.

2. Pick a good video game store.

After setting up the machine, the next step is to choose your merchant. Fortunately, there are many retailers to buy from online. Some stores like Steam, Impulse, Microsoft Games, Xbox Live, Playstation, Nintendo, Origin,, Amazon, etc. will carry all the games you need. Some of these providers are dedicated to PC games or console games. However, some are versatile for both.

Among all the retailers, a lot of people prefer Steam. In addition to showcasing almost every game available in the industry, Steam also has an active community that helps future gamers like you. You can learn a lot of things, make new friends, build a team, and also ask questions.

3. Choose a genre

Which genre you start with depends on your choice. There are a lot of them available and how you play them too. We have the Action genre where you will find shooting games, platform games, stealth, survival, rhythm, battle royale, fighting games, etc. There is also the Action-Adventure genre where there are games such as Metroidvania and survival horror.

You can also choose pure adventure, role playing, simulation, strategy, sports, MMO, board games, casual, casino, horror, logic, etc. There are many more, and you have to choose what you like.

As for the mechanics, some of the genres are played as First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Role Playing or RPG, MMORPG, Online Multiplayer Fighting Arena, Online Strategy Game. real time (RTS), etc. Choosing the genre to play will give you a direction to follow. Of course, you can’t play all of them at the same time. Instead, focus on one and move on to the other afterward. But there is nothing wrong with testing the waters with all of them if you are confused.

4. Online or offline games

Having decided on all of the above and wanted to play the game, you need to choose between online and offline games. In online games, you will connect your device to an active internet with good speed and low latency. Offline games do not need internet access and you can play the games once downloaded to your device. Playing online is fun because it will expose you to many possibilities, challenges and experiences. Also, you can earn money through online games. Offline gaming is easier to access and play anywhere in the world without an internet connection. In terms of cost, offline is cheaper, but online play is better when it comes to increased experience. You can take your hobby to the next level online and earn money from it.

5. Helpful Tips

No matter what platform you use or what games you started out with, there is a need for improvement and better performance. So some of the ways you can become a better player is by teaching others that you are better. When you teach, you learn more. Second, try watching professionals play on Youtube or Twitch; you will learn a lot of things.

Another important tip is to save your games and review them for quick analysis. In addition, play with other players who are not in your circle and try to quickly connect with other players. Finally, remember to take care of your health by drinking water and taking short breaks. The game is generally exciting and can make you forget about yourself.


If you want to start playing, make sure you have the right machine. Also decide what kind to start with and choose a good merchant as well. Finally, remember to take care of your health and always teach others to learn more.