How HBO’s “The Last of Us” preview compares to beloved games

An image from HBO The last of us The TV show was revealed online and teases a very faithful take on the original games.

The photo was uploaded to social media last night (Sunday, September 26), as part of the official The last of us Celebration of the day 2021.

For those who don’t know, this date commemorates the anniversary of when Cordyceps infection reached critical mass in the world of the popular video game franchise. It also happens to be the birthday of series protagonist Joel Miller, as anyone who played the devastating cold opening of the first title will remember too well.

Celebrating September 26 has become a kind of annual tradition in The last of us community, with developer Naughty Dog often waiting until then to drop any surprise announcements and post new content. Think of it a bit like the equivalent of Star Wars’ May 4e Event.

Historically, this occasion was known as “Epidemic Day” but, due to the real-world COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been renamed as the least problematic The last of us Day.

HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Image Revealed

While the celebration is generally focused on the video games themselves, this year’s event has been a bit light on major reveals. Fans were basically only really treated with the announcement of new merchandise – like a limited edition statue made by Dark Horse and a vinyl album starring Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker performing songs featured in The Last of Us Part IIas well as a photo mode contest.

Instead, it was HBO that had to save the day, giving us our first look at the ongoing development. The last of us TV adaptation. Another production was tweeted by the network on Sunday, along with the caption “Look for the light”, which refers to a slogan used by the gaming faction, The Fireflies.

So far, this is the only official preview we’ve had of the series. It depicts the characters of Joel and Ellie (from behind) standing in the middle of a field overlooking a crashed plane. While this moment doesn’t have a direct analog in any of the games, it’s the kind of image you come across all the time as you explore the post-apocalyptic landscape.

The world of The last of us is both dark and beautiful, as you will often see the remains of human civilization in places totally reclaimed by nature. There are abandoned skyscrapers overgrown with vegetation, flooded shopping malls teeming with schools of fish, and city streets crammed with fleeing zoo animals. The image of a plane crashing directly in the middle of a lush, vine-covered field fits perfectly into each of these scenes.

One of the most famous moments of “The Last of Us” sees Joel and Ellie towering over a tower of giraffes walking through Salt Lake City.
The evil dog

As for the depictions of the characters themselves, while we can’t see their faces in the new photo, their costumes look incredibly authentic here. Joël (played by The Mandalorian Pedro Pascal) carries around a taped backpack – which you use to store all your in-game items – and also wears his signature leather jacket.

Meanwhile, Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey, who you might recognize as the provocative Lyanna Mormont from the last few seasons of Thornes game) also carries his backpack, which is decorated with all the pins and badges you see in games. She also wears a red hoodie that may not be in any of the source documents, but is the same color as her iconic jet ski T-shirt.

HBO’s first season The last of us will adapt the first game in the series, in which a grieving father – named Joel – must reluctantly escort a young girl – named Ellie – through a post-apocalyptic version of America.

In addition to Pascal and Ramsey, the show will also star Gabriel Luna (from Terminator: Dark Fate) as Joel Tommy’s brother, Anna Torv (from Spirit hunter glory) as Tess, and Nico Parke, who was last seen alongside his mother Thandie Newton in the Reminiscence.

Jeffery Pierce, who provided Tommy’s motion capture and voice in the games, will also have a role in the series. He will play an original character known as Perry.

Craig Mazin, Emmy winner (creator of Chernobyl) will serve as a showrunner for The last of us. He writes all 10 episodes alongside the director of the original games, Neil Druckmann, who will also direct at least one installment.

The Last of Us TV Show
The image shows the first look at HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation of “The Last of Us”.