Hello Abyss and Deep In Abyss

Spike Chunsoft has shared new details about the action RPG developed by Mages Made in Abyss: A Binary Star Falling into Darkness is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in the west in fall 2022.

The publisher revealed that players will have access to two game modes, Hello Abyss and Deep in Abyss. Hello Abyss follows the anime’s story with additional gameplay systems where players can learn how to progress through the game. Additionally, event scenes will be fully voiced by anime actors.

Deep in Abyss invites players to create an original new character to take on the Abyss and navigate its challenging sections. This mode follows an original story by series author Akihito Tsukushi. Characters can be customized and they will earn rewards by finding relics in dungeons to raise their ranks. This is a single-player mode that focuses on action.

Made in the Abyss is based on the manga series which started in 2021, the game also has an anime adaptation and two feature films. The manga is written by Akihito Tsukushi and uses a unique juxtaposition of his soft art style with a dark and brutal storyline.

Made in Abyss: A Binary Star Falling into Darkness is an action RPG where players will descend into the world of the Abyss and increase their experience through various encounters. The game follows the events of the anime through Story Mode and will also feature an original story which was surprised by Tsukushi-san.

The game features dark fantasy themes found in both manga and video games. Gameplay revolves around adventure elements where players can explore areas and battle enemies again. Progressing through dungeons will unlock story scenes where players can take on missions and interact with various characters.

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