Google Pixel NotePad promises to challenge Samsung’s foldables in 2022

As the next and possibly best smartphone in the industry, the Google Pixel Fold or Google Notepad, may be manufactured by Foxconn, as in any case, as we have already notified in previous years. Fortunately, we had more important data on our smartphone after the leak.

The new report, however, shows that the new equipment is coming in 2022. Indeed, Google will develop at least two new high-end smartphones, among them foldable, which should easily be called Google Notepad, and the other mobile, with a cdi advanced.

Google Android Notepad promises to surprise again in 2022.

First, the foldable Google must be made by Foxconn, which is the same producer of Apple’s iPhone, among other mobile devices. For this time, Google will work with this Chinese manufacturer, since it is the same entity that produces the high-end Pixel smartphone.

A foldable Pixel, solid cameras, smaller Oppo Find N-ish screens and the actual look of the phone. And of course tell me that, so I know I don’t want to buy a Fold 4.

Shane Craig (@ScaryifLiteral) August 5, 2022

Whether the mobile device is intended for use on the OPPO Find N, it should be relatively compact with 5.8-inch screens when closed and larger screens when open. On top of that, Tensor will be integrated, like other North American models.

Google knows how to fold phones.

The Pixel notebook, meanwhile, cost nearly $1,399. That way it can directly compete with Samsung foldables and be considerably cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold, the top model.

Finally, market research agencies put the price of Google Pixel at $5 million per year. If a new segment of foldable smartphones starts, this value could jump by three million per year.