Google Brings Gboard’s Custom Text Stickers to More Android Users

Google is extending its custom text stickers to Android users who use the US-English version of its Gboard keyboard. Previously, only Google Pixel users had access to the feature, which lets you create and send custom stickers by typing your own text and choosing a preset design.

In addition to expanding custom stickers, Google is also introducing over 1,600 new Pride Month and Summertime mashups to Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen. You can use the feature by simply typing an emoji (or two) into a message, then seeing what kind of mashups you can translate into stickers. The result is fun and sometimes unconventional emoji combinations, like a soccer ball made out of watermelon.

You can create custom stickers using your own text in Gboard.
Image: Google

Besides Gboard, Google is rolling out new features for two of its accessibility-focused apps: Sound Amplifier and Lookout. Sound Amplifier, which is designed to amplify specific sounds for people with hearing loss, benefits from a redesigned user interface, improved background noise reduction and “faster and more accurate” sound. For Lookout, an app designed to help the visually impaired, Google is adding an offline mode, as well as a way for users to hear the description of an image from “almost any” app or browser.

Finally, Google will soon allow you to use all (or just some) of your Google Play Points in a game or app. This should make it easier to redeem earned points, as you won’t have to go through the extra steps of converting your Play Points into a coupon before making a purchase. Google says it plans to roll out the feature “over the next few weeks.”