The Surface Duo is the first phone Microsoft launched with Android, and despite the hype and a new form factor, it’s never been more than an interesting outlier in the phone market. But once you lower the shockingly high asking price by $ 1,399, the equation might change for some who have always wanted to buy one of these historic devices. And after a cascade of price drops, we’ve hit a new low: the carrier-locked AT&T Surface Duo starts at just $ 409.99 on Woot today.

The Microsoft Surface is a weird phone, and we said it in our review. On the outside, there is no real indication that it is a smartphone or foldable, with no visible screens or cameras. When you open it, you get two identical 5.6-inch 4: 3 AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1800 x 1350 – and that’s the only interesting and new part of the phone, actually. The rest of the material isn’t particularly exciting or even just good. I imagine you’d want to take this phone to own a part of smartphone history more than anything, although it could also turn out to be a great portable Xbox gaming device if you like that. However, Microsoft itself apparently isn’t as interested in this phone anymore. Despite the promises, the Surface Duo still hasn’t received an update to Android 11, so you have to settle for limited software support.

If you’re an AT&T subscriber and have always wanted to embrace Microsoft’s vision for the future of smartphones, today might be the day you don’t feel bad about spending hundreds of dollars just for this experience. If you need more than 128GB of storage, you can also get the 256GB version for $ 509.99.