Gen.G and Ambition organize event with Make-A-Wish Korea to support child with incurable disease

Gen.G participated in a project with Make-A-Wish Korea to wish a child with an incurable disease. This project was for a kid who loves computer games and dreams of becoming a pro gamer and a white hacker. The kid said he wanted to have fun playing with friends. To make this wish, Gen.G prepared time with League of Legends legend Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong.

This project took place online due to COVID-19. The child asked Ambition about the life of a pro player. Then they played League of Legends with players from the Gen.G Global Academy.

Ambition said: “It was a meaningful experience spending time with someone who still dreams of becoming a professional esports player in a tough environment. I thank Make-A-Wish Korea and Gen.G. As long as the child’s health permits, I would like to invite him to future Gen.G. events. I will participate in activities that support children with incurable illnesses.

Make-A-Wish Korea said, “I think the child will become more confident in the dream through this experience with Ambition. We are grateful to Gen.G and the group of volunteers for such a meaningful experience.

In this event, the Wish Maker short-term volunteer group supported the Gen.G. Make-A-Wish Korea provided a video game bundle, an online coding course package, and a Chromebook for the kid.

Images from: Gen.G