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In the world of competitive fighting games, Super Smash Bros. stands out from the crowd. A lot of it has to do with how its scene has developed apart from the larger fighting game community, and how nothing else really plays like it. Super Smash Bros. is built on a bit Kirby– esque approach to the platform, combined with a system of normal moves, special moves, grabs and smash attacks. High-flying, mobility-focused combat is unlike anything the Fighting genre has seen, presenting perhaps more explosive moments per match than any other subgenre. The Nintendo crossover character star roster, which has slowly grown to include fighters from across the gaming industry, is icing on the cake.

Such a successful game is bound to attract similar projects, and there have been so many that “platform combat” is now considered a genre in its own right. An impressive number of To break clones have been created by both fans and competitors, although dismissing them as mere clones does a disservice. Those looking for variety in the To break the genre is going to be in for a treat, as the era of the platform fighter is already in full swing. The next Nickelodeon Star Brawl Looks pretty promising, but there are plenty of other games players can choose from right now to get them ready when this game drops.

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slap the city

slap the city

If fans want a taste of Nickelodeon Star Brawl early on, they don’t need to look any further than Ludosity’s previous fighting game. slap the city is a charming platform fighter built with characters from past Ludosity games, including Little dew, Princess Remedy in a Wounded World, and Iji. The game goes out of its way to make all nine characters play very differently, and there are a ton of stages to play with. The game is known for its “Clutch” button, which modifies attacks when held. It also has a story mode with a very strong focus on the platform. slap the citythe quality and attention to detail inspires much hope for Ludosity’s work on Star Brawl.

Aether rivals

Aether rivals

Those looking for another high quality platform fighter cannot look any further than Aether rivals. This 2D fighter features animal champions from four elemental factions (as well as guest characters Ori and Shovel Knight), and again sports a roster full of diverse characters and playstyles. This title features interesting modes such as the Abyss Mode Random Challenges, the more relaxed Tetherball minigame, and Abyss Versus, which will allow players to use their custom versions in battle with friends.

Rivals ether even has four new characters and a restore netcode coming in the near future. To improve this good news, these four characters are at the origin of the mods on the Aether rivals Steam Workshop, which is also home to thousands of user-created characters, stages, and modes. This one is not to be missed, especially now that it has its own sequel in development.

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Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2

Stay on the topic of sprites To break clone, Super Smash Flash 2 is probably the highest quality To break fan-game there. Super Smash Bros. Crusade comes closer, but nothing can beat Flash 2. This game impresses greatly with its beautiful recreations of sprites from most of the To break‘s cast, as well as a few newcomers like Sora and Goku who probably won’t make it to Great Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s list.

Its gameplay can be enjoyed online through official servers, and further updates will continue to slowly release as its developer is also working on Fraymakers, an indie crossover fighting game that recently enjoyed a successful crowdfunding campaign. This original game will feature Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 from slap the city and Orcane from Aether rivals, fans of these games should therefore keep an eye on them as well.

Project More

Project M costumes

The next game on this list is a special case, as it is a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Serving immediately to the famous Project M balance mod that made Fight in a much more enjoyable competitive game, Project More continues its mission of balancing the list. The characters have been improved and reworked across the board, scenes and costumes have been added, and Knuckles the Echidna has even joined as a brand new character. He’s arguably one of the most balanced platform fighters available, and no character is a bad choice for any level of play.


A player tries to recover off the stage - Brawlhalla errors

The next step is Brawlhalla, possibly the most successful game on this list. While BrawlhallaThe artistry and style of animation hasn’t won it a ton of fans, it’s a free to play game on most platforms that receives frequent updates and has a thriving competitive scene. Its gameplay has struck the right balance between deep and accessible, to attract and retain a player base.

The game grew large enough that the developer was acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, and has since participated in numerous cross-events with video game and television properties. Brawlhalla is not the most complex platform fighter with limited movement compared to the average platform fighter. Still, because every character in the massive cast plays a little differently, and any potential gamer will surely be able to find their favorite way to play.

Rage on the roof

Roof rage switch

Rage on the roof is a small indie game on Steam and Switch that’s surprisingly fun. Its thirteen different characters are beautifully rendered in pixel art, and its smooth animations and good game feel are sure to impress. The game plays out comparably to the average platform fighter, but its systems and the impact of landing shots set it apart.

One of its biggest unique features is that it supports eight player matches like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate himself. While Rage on the roof is not a bastion of platform hunter innovation like Indie pogo or Hat king maybe, it’s definitely a hidden gem of a platform fighting game and worth considering.

Might Stone 2

While Might Stone 2 is technically an arena fighter, there is no doubt that he is the closest arena fighter to Super Smash Bros. Might Stone 2 increases its player count from two to four and focuses even more on objects and interacting with the environment than the first game. The result is a chaotic brawl through several surprisingly dynamic stages which are among the best Super Smash Bros. has to offer. This series is harder to find these days, having only been released on Dreamcast, PSP, and in the arcades, but emulation should provide a good way to experience this oft-forgotten Capcom classic.

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